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  1. Not sure what's up fella's my plant's seem to b telling me something i just don't know what here it is . Plant's have a slight yellowish camo tint to them

    i also have very minor leave edge cupping , leaves are fairly dry seem to dry

    I had the 2 600's at 17 '' above crop thinking i was burning plant's i backed off to just under 30 '' above plant's still note stress of some kind just don't know pic's are worth a thousand word's so here we go also room is 5x5x7 plants 2 feet tall air cool'd 600 watt hp's passive intake osculating fan above canopy but under light's temp's night 58ish no less day temp 75 max humidity 40 to 45 all day long beet's me it's gotta b light i read 1000 watts a 3 ft will kick well over 10000 lumens plant's only need 10k for primo bud's right? thanks guy's and girl's if ur out there im also in 2 gal grow bag's soil is watering every 2 day's to much on a 2 ft plant i used to water every 3 to 4 but flower seems she is almost thirsty every other day

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  2. Here are a few more photo's over all the crop seem's healthy
    camoish yellow tone to leave's ?

    water every other day?

    light to close at 30 '' ?

    Thanks ahead of time few more pic's for good idea what's going on

    IS it to much air flow in room , heat , salt build up , that's where im at with it

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  3. Here is the only one not under hps

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  4. what's your humidity? do you have a fan blowing directly at the plants? what are you feeding them?

    and yea, watering every 2 days is too much.
  5. They are drying out fast tops of soil kinda moist but bottoms are drying out i can feel it in weight of bag 2 days there light not heavy tops are a bit moist mid and low dry out thats why i ask temps are on point humidity usually 42 to 50 percent fan blowing above plants left to right but not directly on them i do have some air flow in there tho i kinda was thinking maybe a little wind chap'd myself drying out faster then they can drink also light was like only 1and a half feet away from plant's for a week until i raised it to 30 '' still have issue tho
  6. food is GH 123
    cal mag plus
    pro tect
    bud ignitor
    liquid kool
    floral plus
    1000 ppm
    week 2 flower ph 6 to 6.5
  7. Typically the curling leaves represent heat stress, the blotching I'm not so sure about. How many leaves are being affected?
  8. Really just my mango k, however the OGK shows similar
    curl as well . Plants seem healthy its just like the light is sucking the green out dry to the touch almost to dry for a plant full of water i think my lamp is to close to the tops my little short cheese dog and smaller plants are doing well
    i thing my babys got just a pre bleaching the room does not get hot 75 max
    humidity 41 to 50 percent maybe 60 when i water 12 oscillating fan on speed 2
    above plants but under hood's 2 air cool'd 600 watt reflector's in a 5x5 i c guy's growing n 10x10 with just 1000 i have to much light maybe heat is fine is there such thing as lumen stress might sound dumb but 10k worth of lumen from what i have read will bud plant's like no other . with my 2 600's im up there if not well over 10 k at 2 ft away whats common height for 1200 watt's worth of light
  9. I have never flush'd the 2 gal grow bag's im in just water and fert
    could this b cause of salt build up maybe . and off topic when u flush say 3 times size of pot wouldn't that flood plant's overwatering them ? I just hear lots of don't over water well isn't that over watering a plant 3 gal at once thats always got me like how can someone overwater when u can flush a plant in a 1 gal with 3 gal of water
  10. Over watering refers to not letting the medium dry out between waterings, doesn't matter how much water you run through them when you water.

    Flushing is rarely a bad thing to do when you feel you have an issue. I'd raise the lights for a day or so and see how they respond.
  11. Ok got it i figured that not hard to tell FFOF is always moist even when thirsty
    i been going buy weight a light pot and i still get moist soil on dip test how dry is dry anyway o well that's not my problem then i do wait 1 to 2 days max
    1 the bottom is dry 2 days then top dry's up dont root's pull water from bottom anyway fuck the top id say when bottom of pot is dry im n bags i can feel the dry dirt at base
  12. rt on i did pull light's up 2 about 30'' just don't want to waste bud power ya know i think every six '' light double's n lumens been 2 to 3 days now and new growth still shows weakness
  13. Got pics of the new growth?

    If the curling leaves didn't go away when you raised the lights then I'd say maybe wind burn..but I've never dealt with that so I really don't know for sure.

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