We got a new birdie! (pics maybe 56k warning)

Discussion in 'General' started by tea.mochi, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Our cockatiel, Angel, has been lonely.
    Hes really horny and needs constant attention, very much a needy attention whore.

    SO, we went and got the little girl at that pet shop just now and brought her home. Shes a fiesty one and totally lovable. She was hand fed so she is tame and very cuddly.
    Shes still growing her feathers and they cut her wings really short, so when I post pics she might look a little... less than perfect.

    Angel (our boy) is truly interested in her. He hasn't attacked her once and keeps trying to preen her tail. With their first encounter he kind of inched up to her and said "hello" (literally "hello" lol not cockatiel speech ^__^) and proceeded to try and preen her, which she denied.
    Shes really taken with his cage and his toys (even though she has her own) and Angel doesn't know how to react, he follows her and then runs away.
    Hes exploring her cage as I type (trying to get to her millet) and wont approach her other than to try and preen her tail. lol!
    Its too adorable! I only wish I had a decent webcam.

    We can't decide on a name.
    We thought of naming her "Chiyo" in memory of our first MJ plant...
    But she has huge eyes, so Vhan thought of naming her meimei.

    Any ideas? Maybe you guys can help.

    Ok here are pics!
    I'll show Angel first, since hes the reason shes with us.


    And this is our new baby girl!
    Isn't she adorable?




  2. Rats With Wings!
    Hahahah jk.
    Their cute as fuck!
  3. lol @ rats with wings!
    shes so cuddly, shes on my shoulder right now snuggling with my neck.
  4. God I love the smell of bird shit when I wake up in the morning.

    I just don't see birds as true companion/pets, you clip their wings to make them stay around and not leave.

    My dogs are never farther than 2 steps behind me and they poop outside.
  5. Baller.
    cool ass looking bird mochi!
  6. I could never clip her wings, the pet shop did it. Angel has his wings and flies beautifully. We just have to wait a while for her new flight feathers to come in and she can go wherever she wants, just like Angel.

    And while its possible to teach a bird to poo in its cage, they also have these flight suits that the bird can wear if you're worried about unexpected messes, nothing gets on the bird, nothing gets on you.
  7. nice birds
  8. aww

    q-t birdies!
  9. So I'm thinking of names.
    So far we got "chiyo" for our plant that died.
    We got "meimei" cause it seemed cute.
    Other than that we can't think of anything... any ideas?
  10. aw mochi you got her! she's adorable! haha and angel is cute as well. i hope they make babies!!!!!!!!!
  11. I hope so too! Their babies would rock.
  12. cockatiels are the shit. my grandfather used to raise em. i like feeding them one seed at a time and watching them unravel the outside to find the inside nutty goodness.
  13. And to hear them talk is awesome. They got such cute little voices!
  14. HOLY SHIT.. is that a rainbow hamster with wings?? :smoking:
  15. i want a parrot that says
  16. wark polly wants some chronic!
  17. dang mang that new cock you got looks young as funk
    its gonna get raped by that horny mo fo "angel" lolz
  18. haha^
    how old is she, she does look young as fuck. and why does angel look like a parakeet in the first pic?
  19. Call it charlie so then angel would be charlie's angel...

    or Guardian to make guardian angel

  20. nice, woulda never thought of that myself.

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