We got a first timer here! Help and/or ideas?

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    First off, hello!

    Been smokin for about 5 years now and honestly don't want to keep spending money and running out and getting it so I figured I'd just grow my own personal stash just for me. Nobody else!

    It's gonna go in the bottom part of a closet (4' high by like 3' by 6') and I'd like to be able to smoke like an ounce a month once I get it up and going.

    That being said, about how many plants should I be growing and what's the easiest/best high seed to start with?

    Also, I've read all the "beginner threads" and I was just going to go with a cheap oscilating fan, exhaust fan, reflective insulation and wasn't sure what type of lights to get?

    Last but not least, if there is a complete "system" I could purchase (minus the seeds) for like $300-$400 I would probably do that.

    Any trustworthy sites for materials and seeds would be much appreciated. Thanks and I look forward to posting more!! :smoke:
  2. For what you want to do (Oz a month) you'd really only need 2 or 3 female plants...

    For lighting..

    200-300 watts of real lighting - I'd recommend CFL's for this type of grow, you'd only need a few and they can be bought almost everywhere.

    If you have any other questions about lighting, check out the link in my sig.

  3. Awesome, I've read up on the sexing of the plants and what not, what's the best type of seed to get for beginner/indoor with a nice solid buzz?

    Oh, and 200-300 watts per bulb?
  4. do 3-4 plants with a 400 watt hps, with advanced nutrients and good soil. Easy qp every 2 months, meaning 2 oz's a month
  5. recommend any nutrients and soil i could pick up at the local home depot or garden store?
  6. I wouldn't really recommend anything you're likely to find at HD or such. Depending on your garden stores you may or may not be able to find something good. Stores around here have FF sometimes, but I don't like their stuff.

    Just go ahead and get some Advanced Nutrients online.

    I'd also recommend building your own system if you're at all handy. It's pretty easy to do, especially if you want to do soil instead of hydro.
  7. Alright, thanks to all the posts and suggestions on here, this is what I've got so far.

    3' by 4' by 6' high closet grow that is lined with reflective mylar. a hanging 400 watt hps bulb for veg and a mh bulb for flowering.

    6 two gallon pots that will have 3 parts b'cuzz coco soil mixed with 1 part earthworm castings as suggested by my local hydroponic guy.

    2 six inch ossilating fans for cooling and a digital timer switch to control lighting.

    all i am not sure of is basics like watering and harvesting but i'll read more posts about that as it comes.

    i'm planning on starting with northern lights #5 for my first grow as i'm told they are fairly easy to grow and not too tall and not too much odor.

    my only other question would be the best type of nutrients for each one and how much i can expect to get out of these 6 plants after 8 or so weeks. i'm leaning towards getting the flora nova nutrients.

  8. mh for vegging, hps for flowering :)

    for watering and nutes, be careful not to overdo it. it's easier to add more nutes, but much harder to flush your soil if they get too much. water when the soil starts to dry out, but before the plant starts to droop.

    good luck with the NL5.. i'm about to start the same strain. :D it'll be my first "designer" strain, as i've used bag seed while i figured out what the hell i was doing.. i grow for the same reason as you, to save money and not have to deal with the sketchy folks out there. good luck!
  9. Well said. Always start light on the nutes and work your way up carefully.

    GH makes decent starter nutes, but I've really liked the difference I see with AN's stuff so you might want to check that out, especially if you want to do hydroponics later.

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