We dont make 15 an hour

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  1. In my houshold we have a single earning parent supporting a family of 3. That single earner makes 14$/hour.We live pretty well. We eat meat and fruit every day. We have games and tv. We have a dog who we feed.We even bought our 3 year old kid a tablet for xmas.So when i hear all this talk of 15$ minimum wage, all i can think is "wtf are these greedy kids doing with their money?! Amd why do they keep making bad descisions like having kids they cannot afford?"Do these kids not realize that companies always respond to minimum wage (increase cost of labor) by cutting hours, cutting benefits, and raising prices?Do these kids not realize that minimum wage increases result in a cost of living increase that erases all benefits of having a higher minimum wage in the first place?Do these kids not realize that increasing the cost of labor also increases unemployment and encourages outsourcing labor to places like china and south america?As a manager of a retail store we dont even make 15$ and no mcdonalds workers want 15$ as the MINIMUM wage?!If they got their way, then all of our hard work getting to manager level would still be the equivelent of flipping burgers. Thats fair!The argument that you are trying to raise a family of 3-4 on minimum wage is irrelevent. It sets the mininum wage bar at rais a family by yourself levels. Meaning high school kids trying to earn extra money, college kids paying for school, even single people working on their career so they can have a family some day, all get fucked over.Why isnt there a push to LOWER minimum wage? If you care about the poor and the economy, and want to see america become prosperous again, LOWERING minimum wage seems like the most logical solution.Sent from my LG-E739 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    So your positive experience and how you feel about the min wage is relevant but the person who raising 3-4 people on the min wage is irrelevant?  Got it.
  3. ^ yeah dude his argument was all about emotion and had nothing to do with math
  4. raising minimum wage = mass layoffs
    if you want to earn more money, you have to present a skill set thats worth more money.
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    With all the raising prices on resources and rent has raised in some cases. Rent has went up 100-200$ in Californians central valley. Major corporations make billions in profit, why not share some of that wealth with the people who make that money happen?
    they do, to shareholders in the form of dividends.
    Thats ridiculous. Raising minimum wage will in fact help out the economy. More money being given= more money being spent=etc...
  8. Wage earners require incentives just as much as CEOs.  Otherwise, why work?
    but they'll spend it on the higher priced goods as a result of the increased min wage.
    Im one of the people who say" Fuck shareholding and dividends" Give me a raise.  While everything with a price tag raises, Why not the pay wage? If the pay wage stays the same and everything else from tooth paste to rent raises,WTF?  Major unbalanced much?
  11. That's the way to go, but it's very complex (I don't understand it myself I leave it to others who do).  
    the more a company spends, the less it has to pay its employees. if you have a budget of $70k for 7 employees and they raise minimum wage, you will have to fire employees to stay within budget.
    more people out of work = less consumerism. less consumerism = lower budgets = more layoffs.
    Yea, dont fuck your way to the poor house, if you are a breeder than tough fucking shit, work day and night.
    None the less, Money would be spent and help out the economy? Or would be a masses hoard this deflated dollar to no end? I doubt their would be mass saving. Their are to many awesome toys to buy
  15. fuckin people living beyond there mean's if i was a company i wouldnt want too pay fuckin people in fast food 15$...u fuckin kidding me i've worked there before and the fuckin people there are on there phone more then they work..
  16. Lol really? The problem isn't minimum wage, it's the large corporations.
  17. it should be illegal to employ a person full time and still have them earning less than poverty level. and if $15/hour actually pulls through, everything will just get more expensive. 
    it doesn't promote anything but raise minimum education, minimum skills, and minimum motivation.
  18. it depends on where you live. if they worked 50 hours a week thats only 36k a year. where i live thats not enough to support a family. 
    Raising the minimum wage is a result of the current economic state. All priced goods are raising but not the pay wage?  It does not matter what your personal emotions are towards fast food and the workers. Pay needs to reflect the current economic state or else there will be major un balance in the system. All on the account of GREED and ypur personal emotions
    but that's the problem..
    you can't run around buying toys that you can't afford, save no money and then go crying for a huge min wage increase.
    suck it up.. live within your means, save cash and then own your toys without massive credit card bills.
    i know there are special cases and emergencies etc.. but no one (in the US) seems to live even close to their means.

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