We Dont Know

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  1. I'm glad we have no fucking idea. How boring would life be if we actually knew? You know? It's a fucking mind explosion to think you know but in actuality have no fucking idea. But in the end we all just wonder what. You feel me?
  2. Know what?  I know everything.
  3. I know. 
  4. What knowest thou? Fucking knoweth, thy don't... lolwut? See what I mean, the sense just isn't being made anymore. Departed, have we, from idea having. As if, I feel, we were stuck in, of sorts, a wonderland...   :bongin: 
  5. this guy knows^
  6. Maybe I do know...maybe I don't. That's the mystery. :ph34r:
  8. .......................
  9. Sort of a presumptuous statement but I understand the sentiment. Even though I don't necessarily agree.
  10. Psychedelics can give you a glimpse.
  11. Does one want to know
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    What if not knowing really is knowing...?

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