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We don't HAVE to file taxes!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WantIt, May 29, 2009.

  1. So a friend of mine found this video about our government and the IRS on paying taxes. There is no law that requires us to file income taxes, plus some. This video is really long but it's worth it. It makes you realize how manipulative and corrupted our government really is.

    If don't want to watch the video, I would love to hear your comments or questions about the videos content :cool:

    [ame=""]America: Freedom to Fascism - Director's Authorized Version[/ame]
  2. two hours to explain to me why i dont have to pay taxes? if it's an actual law, explain it to me in like a minute

    just pay your damn income taxes

  3. That's the point though. There isn't a law that requires us to pay them. There have been numerous IRS workers who have been required to resign because they have researched this supposed "law" and haven't found it. These former IRS workers also haven't filed since their resignations. One of them not filing since 1999.
  4. [​IMG]

    Guns make the law in this country.

    It isn't our money, it's theIRS.
  5. actually it is not even your money, it belongs to the federal reserve whom controls the interest of such that gives the paper any value. ever wonder why gold is high dollar now and they are buying it up, plus all the "sell us your gold tv ads", they are once again robbing the public middle class of wealth. splitting the classes into managable debt slave socialites.
  6. hey man, i read what you write, we agree on several issues. and this movie is about more than just not paying taxes, it is about the freedom we've lost in america post 9/11, it also details about the RFID, and some other really crazy shit. you should definately watch it, even though the first half is a little dry,

    this movie even motivated my dad to contemplate ron paul, and he's a life long republican!

    also, check out my thread on the Federal Reserve transparency act

  7. yeah, can sumone just explain it real quick
  8. well essentially:

    the 16 amendment was never ratified by several states

    the Federal Reserve Act that created the national bank, was signed into law 2days before christmas,
    this was before airplanes and automobiles, so most representatives and senators were not even present to vote on the legislation

    also, the definition of INCOME, was defined by the supreme court as

    Income-gains from corporate activity

    so in a different court case, after the 16 amendment, the supreme court said that if you were not taxable before the 16amd then you are not taxable now

    therefore, the IRS is an illegal institution, with no power to tax individuals

    also, there is no law on record that says we are required to pay income taxes-the law says it is "voluntary"

    there is also an AWESOME explanation on the RFID chip, i won't bother explaining that part because you really need to see it yourself.

    also, for those of you interested in learning more about the federal reserve, check out the movie Zietgeist:addendum

    the first thirty min is on the fed and it explains it in such a way that is not boring, and easy to understand, the rest of the movie is cool too, but not something that i really agree with
  9. Aietgeist: addendum is available free on google video, and seriously the part on the federal reserve(the first thirty min) is fuck AWESOME must watch.

    and you lazy assholes need to watch this freedom to fascism movie too, its a little dry at first, but it gets better, and it changed the way i view america
  10. Zietgeist is not a very good source, I would stop using personally...

    Zeitgeist, the movie Debunked - Introduction

  11. The Federal Reserve part is accurate
  12. the first part, about creating money out of debt is entirely factual, I'm a third year economics major, and i learned all of that in 100 level courses

    and this is a link to "debunk" the first movie, which was about religion or something completely different from zietgeist:addendum either way, the money creation proccess is legit, and citeble
  13. I actually looked this up a few years back because I'd heard the claim that there was no such statute.

    There is no such statute because there doesn't need to be one. The Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that the tax is legal. Since they're as close to the last word on the law as you're gonna find in the US, until the Supremes reverse it or some kind of constitutional amendment gets pushed through, that's effectively the law.

  14. Which 100 level courses?

    I'm pretty sure I've taken them all, and they didn't touch on the perils of fractional reserve banking or fiat currency. If anything it was mentioned in passing. The textbooks are even worse.
  15. Yes, but there are better sources out there.

    Its there too, just look a little harder. :)

  16. They've also ruled several times that it wasn't, as in Pollock v Farmers Trust

    What effectively went wrong with the 16th amendment is they didn't repeal several prior sections of the Constitution, such as direct taxation must be apportioned.

    They pretty much just bypassed the Constitution.
  17. well, i'm not sure where you went to school, but that's what we covered-twice in macro and micro economics, the first lecture was on how money is created through the fractional reserve banking system.

    E.J. ourso college of business@ Louisiana State University

    my professor is also a big fan of the F.A.I.R. tax, so his last four lectures were on that, it's pretty neat stuff
  18. which has pretty much become standard practice since then
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  20. Harry Reid Agrees!

    [ame=]YouTube - Paying income tax in America is Voluntary[/ame]

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