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we could end world hunger but.........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sevenleafcowboy, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Yeah Digit ,prometheous,budhead, all concerned..... I read and artical about ending world hunger in of all places readers digest. They stated that the food shortages in areas of the world are set in place by there own governments as a way to arratacate them !! that even the us government is playing a roll in it because under the etiopian desert is the worlds largest and un taped oil supply just waighting for an entire country to die off to drill!! our government in cooperation with the other governments in these areas of africa tightly control the amount of aid that is alowed in at a time so that it is not enough to do any good...this happens in locations around the world where there are untaped energy sorces .... It makes me sick that oil is worth more than human life .... I also found out that on another subject while mj is ilegal here the use gave grant money to Canada to assist with their mj crop production......go fucking figure
  2. yup. that's not really news to me.

    thus why i don't really like the capitalist ways of the US government. All that power... power that could be used to feed and clothe and educate the world, many times over... but what do they do instead? develope weapons of mass destuc* em... i mean, peace keeping weapons. and pump more money back into the ecconomy. the reason america are so rich??? not taxes on the people but money from corporations, thus why GW (an Oil man himself) is more than happy to bend over for the corporate butt shafting.

    Take Veitnam for example... or the Gulf. were these peacekeeping missions? or were they the regular type of war... the type started out of religious differances? nope, they were neither... these were the new type of war INVENTED by the american government. they were Comodity wars. wars only there because it was ecconomically benificial... just think how many jobs there are due to war... there's alot of technology and manufacturing that goes into these business ventures the US keeps on making.

    i'm not saying that the US government is thee most corrupt in the world but it certainly is the most powerful corrupt government in the world (and the most successfully corrupt i might add). And i should also point out that the States DO actually do some legit peace keeping work... or at least it seems legit. it does make u wonder why they sort out some problems and not others... like why didn't tehy lift a finger when hundreds of thousands of Saudi-Arabians were suffering a genocidal rage from their tyranical dictatorship of a gov? I'll tell you why... the Oil kept on flowing.

    and all the while, the truth is never really told. we're led to beleive we have an open and honest system because we still get to hear teh scandals... "Oh no! isn't it terrible... bill clinton got a blow job!" and "Oh no! isn't it terrible... Accounting firms have been lying about numbers"... well excuse me! label me a conspiracey theorist to discredit me if u will... but i think the value of millions of human lives i of a little more importance that the acuracy of a few numbers (although that is part of the corruption) or if some guy is fooling around behind his wives back... that ain't big news to me!

    ok... need to calm down... and breath, 1,2,3 and breath 1,2,3... phew.

    ok, i think that's my daily rant over now.

    thnx again to sevenleafcowboy for inspiring me into another theraputic rant. ;) thnx dude. same time tmro? lol

  3. I dont think you peopole realise how far on the brink of the end of all we know we are. Governments world have purposely lied stealed and cheated divided us for hundreds of years. They worship Money, the only way to make them take notice and hear the voice being spoken is to destropy which they worship.

    If ya out there and ya reading this,and ya feel like world is blind and you can only see! Ur not alone.

    Burn Money Plant Trees!!

    Evil prevails in the guise of good

    If you plan for peace,first plan for war

    Evil Prevails When Good Men Refuse To Act!!

    * dont sit by and watch !! time for direct action is now*
  4. That is majorly fucked up. I didnt know we were waiting for etheopians to die off, just so we could get oil. Just another reason why I hate our goverment!!
  5. That's fucked up but I have to say it don't bother me that much, If we kept everyone alive in the world, or prevent the deaths from AIDS and starvations we would all die.

    I say glad it ain't me, I feel sorry for them but it has to happen, and not really this way but hopefully you get my point.

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