We can all agree police stations are full of criminals

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LostBegonia, Jan 7, 2023.

  1. the question is are the criminals the police or the detainees? argue
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  4. If you murder someone, you are a criminal, if you frame someone for murder you are a criminal.

    If you smoke weed you are not a criminal, if you kidnap someone for smoking weed you are a criminal.

    If you break into someone's house you are a criminal, if you protect/defend someone against that criminal, you are not a criminal.

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  5. we in europe cannot see why you hate on cops so much..no hate here
    let the immigrants hate we shoot and often its why they need protection
    but then again the pass level of being a cop is so high here
    leave the dummies to be mall cops
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  6. Ima Black Jamaican Woman An Ion Personally Have Any Problems With Cops.

    Once When I Was 25 Years Old I Was Walkin Around Chicago Like I Used To Do Even Back In Jamaica I Did It.

    Anyways I Got Lost An Had No Idea How To Get Back To My House An I Wander Around For Like 3 Hours Gettin More Nervous An Scared BC It Was Gettin Dark An I Never Go Out At Night Alone.

    Well Finally Ina Twilight I Came Too A Police Car With A Officer Innit An I Try To Tell Him I Am Lost But Since I Cant Talk Well He Was Not Undetstandin Me So I Came Up With The Idea To Write On My Phone All I Had To Say To Him Like My Name An Street Adress An How I Was Lost Really Bad An He Said He Would Drive Me Home An He Did. He Let Me Sit In Front Too.

    I Still Remember His Name An What He Look Like. If I Ever See Him Again Ima Give Him A Hug An See If He Remember Me.

    I Am Soo Thanksful To Cops Like Him Who Just Try To Help People. :)

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  7. Some people hate on cops just to troll everyone else. They'd be the first to call 911 if they needed one.
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  8. FTP
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  9. Aww, must suck to be so full of hate...
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  10. I don't think they "hate" or do it to troll. Systems of power become corrupt, police are no exception. There is no reason to assume they are "good" by default and only the "bad apples" are an exception. They are all people, dynamic mixtures of good and bad to varying degrees, and im sure plenty of us know dick heads that if they were cops would be shitheads or even criminal. You also know good people who would not take the job because fining a poor person for some 'offense' would make them feel like an asshole.
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  11. It it a cops job to fine people for breaking stupid laws. They are there to fuck you not help you.
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  12. I inherently don’t like the cops but respect them :confused_2: FTP on general principle.
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  13. The Only Times I Gotta Problem With Cops Is In My GTA Games Lol :D

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  14. If cops are so trustworthy Why do they have locks on their lockers ?
    They don't trust each other,, why should I trust them .
    Everyday in the news cops are getting arrested for murder and dealing drugs.
  15. Hm, I read a handful of newspapers and go to bunches of websites every day and rarely see a legit story about cops getting arrested for murder or dealing drugs.
  16. Hm LOL
    Check Out This New Database of Corrupt Cops (reason.com)
    11 more East Cleveland officers face misconduct charges in troubled police department - CBS News
    Police misconduct: Discipline records for thousands of cops uncovered (usatoday.com)
    Video Police officer charged with raping homeless teen - ABC News (go.com)
    Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period | CNN
    Ex-Cop Jonathan Gardner Charged With Rape While On Duty | Crime News (oxygen.com)
    5 Memphis Cops Arrested for Murder of Tyre Nichols (msn.com)
    Who were the corrupt Baltimore police officers? - BBC News
    Ex-cop faces felony murder and kidnapping charges in death of 16-year-old Atlanta-area girl | CNN
    Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin charged with murder in George Floyd case (nbcnews.com)
    Officer arrested for stealing drug cash - YouTube
    Suspended Smith County constable found guilty of stealing while serving eviction notice - YouTube
    ‘Take whatever you want’ Warrants against Constable, deputies detail theft from home caught on bodyc - YouTube
    Two Colorado officers arrested in use of force incident police chief calls a 'very despicable act' | CNN
    Maryland officer charged with raping two women, sexually assaulting a third (nbcnews.com)
    Arkansas officers charged in violent arrest caught on video (yahoo.com)
    Louisiana officer arrested for role in deadly car chase - ABC News (go.com)
    Princeton student charged with joining rioters in pushing against officers in Capitol attack, allegedly chanted "Drag them out!" - CBS News
    JSO officer arrested, accused of domestic battery against girlfriend who refused to have sex with him

    OKC cop Daniel Holtzclaw sentenced to 263 years | CNN
    Richmond Police Officer arrested, charged with rape (nbc12.com)
    Two NYPD cops fired over alleged sexual misconduct with teen (nypost.com)
    Serving Met police officer charged with rape | UK news | The Guardian
    Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick pleads guilty to string of sex offences including 24 rape charges | UK
    News | Sky News

    Three NYPD cops arrested for bribery (nypost.com)
    PA Police Chief Arrested, Charged With Dealing Meth and Cocaine (insider.com)
    Former Oklahoma City cop convicted on rape charges - CBS News
    Former Maine police officer accused of selling drugs from his cruiser | WGME
    State police officer charged with rape in Las Vegas, N.M. (yahoo.com)
    Former Rowley Police Officer Charged With Rape (msn.com)
    Lawsuit Alleges New Orleans Cop Groomed and Raped 14-Year-Old Girl (insider.com)
    Abington man, poised to become cop, indicted on new set of rape charges (patriotledger.com)
    Dozens who say they were framed by corrupt Chicago drug squad demand exoneration (nbcnews.com)
    Detroit cop Daniel Vickers sentenced to prison in bribery scandal (detroitnews.com)
    Libode police officers charged with corruption after allegedly taking R3000 bribe (iol.co.za)
    6 Philly narcotics cops charged in corruption case (police1.com)
    The Top 5 Most Corrupt Police Officers Of All Time (newsone.com)
    Top 10 Crooked Cops Caught on Camera - YouTube
    RCMP charge four individuals including two police officers | Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rcmp-grc.gc.ca)
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  17. This is gonna hurt so put on the big boy/girl panties. You gotta be among the "low hanging fruit", "not a criminal genious" to get popped in the 1st place imo. When kids have more arrests than birthdays, then maybe a life of crime aint the best career path for them. Get better at it or quit. Cops are people & people commit crimes, cops know how to do it better. Very little sympathy here for a dumbass that talks a traffic ticket into a beatdown.
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  18. He's a troll, he'd be the first person to call the police if his home or car were getting broken into. Just wanting to show how slow he is...
  19. So out of the hundreds of thousands of interactions with police on a daily basis, the best you could come up with was 30 or so? Wow. That's like 0.00000000000005% of interactions. Good try though.
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  20. Way better then you came up which has been nothing but air

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