We bought some shrooms a weeks ago...

Discussion in 'General' started by Newbie Toker, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. but they weren't dried out, so we just left them for a week, but they look pretty rank right now, so ima post a pic of them, see if they are supposed to look like this.

    Note the pic isnt bad, they are actually that colour.

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  2. Yeah don't eat that unless you enjoy fungus. Fungus that will kill you, that is.
    That was really smart, keeping moist shrooms in an airtight container for a week......NOT!
  3. man that sucks. i gotta say though, that wasnt a smart idea to put those in there, especially for so fuckin long. im sure you could still fry offa the shrooms, but i dunno man. whatever you do, check up on it with some friends whove used em before and see what they think.
  4. I bet you couldn't even get high offa those shrooms, I would think the psilocybin stuff would have oxidized or otherwise become neutralized. At the very least I bet those are rank, and probably pretty inedible. I know you'd probably throw them back up if you did get those down. Also, is it all stems?
  5. your definitely gonna toss the cookies if eat those
  6. When I saw the picture I thought it was a box of leeches :eek: ...

    I wouldn't eat them.
  7. For future reference dude, don't leave them in an airtight container to dry. Lay them out on some paper towel in front of a fan on low for a night, or just let them sit in a bowl with some dessicant (silica gel that comes in those packets with new shoes....) and it should soak up the moisture. Sorry about the loss, man. I hate seeing good shrooms go to waste....
  8. Ah well, I had to learn some way.....

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