we bought a school bus and we are moving.

Discussion in 'General' started by glass_girl420, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. I am so excited but yet exausted at the same time so i thought I would come and share with my brothers and sisters of GC. We bought a house in NB and a bus to move us. I will take pics of our trip, it's gonna be fun!

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  2. You gonna give those windows a nice, pearly white tint? Sounds like a blast. Have fun! :smoking:
  3. sounds interesting.
  4. I want a bus
    Damn they are mad cheap on ebay
  5. pick up unsuspecting kids at their bus stops then drive it into a lake. that'll show em
  6. hahahaha awesome
  7. Hahaha a big green bus pulls up.

    Doors open.

    Smoke pours out.

    "Hey kid...... wanna get high?"
  8. haha man, thats my dream:smoking:
  9. Haha thats what happens to potheads when we die.

    God is driving the bus by the way. He's mad stoned.
  10. thats tight how much did that bus cost
  11. Haha....fucking great
  12. Go on a traveling acid trip like in the 60s.

    Final Destination: True Enlightenment
  13. youll be flyin high the whole trip:smoking:

  14. Haha, this thread is awesome.
  15. can i live in your bus and smoke all day?

    pretty please with sugar on top?????:D :smoke: :bongin:
  16. you're crazy. freaking crazy.

  17. Thats awesome! I've always wanted to drive a big vehicle.. preferably a digger thing...but a bus is just as cool!..apart fro the lack of digging equipment...
    but i hope you guys have a fun safe trip :)
  18. The bus only costs us $800 bucks, it will be here this afternoon after the oil change and tune up. I was thinking of painting it like partridge family's bus. Whoooohooooo! Tomorrow morning we are off like a forskin. I just stopped in to say high to myGC peeps, gotta keep packing and cleaning. :hello:
  19. haha, nice bus. I always toke up in my moms school bus.

    I hope you have a nice safe move. good luck! :)
  20. tint the windows (if you have the mongey $$$) and hotbox!

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