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we blow dro in the south too now, ya herr?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 84sdrankndank, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. If I were you I would take out the car/gun pics.

    Super dank shit though bra

  2. Ohh, haha my bad, he probably is going to get caught, I could probably find him threw Google and the info.

  3. lmao !!
  4. That shit looks so sticky. :smoke: but safer pics.
  5. #106 wizzardboi, Jan 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2012
    are u asian by any chance ? looks like the asian grown weed that floods the south that looks good yet has no good smell or taste thats mass produced and not cured right and rushed out for their profits. however i could be wrong, and it does loook good.
  6. purple stuff in the baby bottle.

    wonder what that is........... haha
  7. More ammo for the anti pot crowd. Good job OP.
  8. Thats shits dodie dawg
  9. this thread made me LMFAO. I wish i coulda seen the other pics
  10. this was interesting to say the very least..

  11. [​IMG]
  12. Dayumm son this shit is bananas. I learned a lot from this thread, from fake guns, to those who think ignorant is a 'big' word, to the many blades who still can't grasp how to properly label a comment ironic, but most importantly, OP provides a perfect example of the stupidity of the south. ALL HAIL DAH SOUF!! 2 thumbs up! :smoking:
  13. Very interesting thread..

  14. I know this is over a year old but god damn this pissed me off. If you don't have ANY knowledge in the subject at hand.. You should probably just shut the fuck up. As to not look like a douchey troll like Third Eye did to himself
  15. On that dirty sprite. Louddddddd too.
  16. All I gotta say is where is the OP??


    Andddd, who cares if people sell marijuana - who the fuck do yall get yours from? Does it just appear in your jar?

    ++++ anyone who smokes weed and is not in 1 out of the 19 states that have medicinal marijuana you are breaking the law, and if you snitch you deserve to be beaten with the fattest tree branch nearest you.
  17. well im sure you do blow dro in the south.. GDP is popular in texas..
  18. [​IMG]

    Even I, an avid weed smoker, wants to keep it illegal after reading the OP and most of the thread.
  19. u guys need to chill and let this thread die already...op is obviously kind of slow...ya herr?

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