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we blow dro in the south too now, ya herr?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 84sdrankndank, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. No shit dude just wanted to post his goods...what he's got goin on isn't bothering any of us....he didn't realize there were going to be more people on here trying to diss him that compliment his bud its his thread get the fuck off if you don't like his digs
  2. Stop trying to suck OPs dick.

    People are just calling him stupid because he obviously didn't think AT ALL about what the consequences could be from posting this kind of information on the internet.
  3. swagged the fuck out
  4. fucking codeine fiend drugdealer
  5. #65 Imadankster, Sep 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2011
    I know makes me loose trust in all you douche fuckers at GC, Im see'ing more hate in every thread though.

    I thought when you got dank and you were living life that your supposed to be nice, maybe help some people out on the forums. But this is just a mix of underage ranter's that think even though they type perfect English that we cant tell that shit.

    Aside from the fact that you guys will be ruthless just for shits in giggles. It is ruthless to report what obviously most people do on this forum anyways.

    Like the buds

    I will report your ass instantaneously when I get that chance.
  6. we be straiight ridddin n sippin

    out of a baby bott;e :confused::confused::eek:
  7. where's the mods at?

    I thought guns and other drugs were against the rules. Something about it kind of making us look like a bunch of dangerous drug dealers as opposed to people interested in marijuana. :rolleyes:
  8. you guys dont have weapons? Seriously, 2nd Amendment rights are zeh shit. Then again... i live in gun slanging Montana... where if you dont own a gun... you're out of the loop.
  9. I live in California, where owning a gun gets you associated as dangerous and slightly crazy, or possibly a redneck/hick if you're lucky.
  10. really... that sux man. My dad has his concealed weapons permit... he can hold a gun in his glove box whenever. Just gotta tell the popo before they see it, or they will pull the gun on you haha.
    [ame=]Guns in Montana - YouTube[/ame]
  11. i didnt really do that lol. i was just trying to point out exactly what couldve happened, or that a cop would have all the info he needed to go bust his ass
  12. I agree that if everyone packed heat there would probably be less crime. Guns got a negative reputation though, even though I think they're less dangerous to have around the house than pills/alcohol/cleaning materials. :rolleyes:

    I personally don't like guns, though, because my dad was an idiot and owned a few of them over the years. When I was two, I brought my mom his loaded 44 magnum which he had left out. And when I was like eight, he was playing with his 38 when he was super drunk, evidently was pointing it at his head and pulling the trigger and shit... then he pointed it forward towards his stereo and a bullet that was lodged or something released and fired, put a hole in his entertainment system and would have gone into the next apartment but it hit a stud.

    Basically, morons shouldn't own guns and neither should drunks. :p
  13. yall bitchin becuz hes a drug dealer .. last time i checked most of us get our weed from a dealer . prob most of us are dealers too .. stop hatin
  14. yeah... idiots aren't suppose to handle firearms... my Dad isn't an idiot though ahha. I love my state though... we also tried to become a sovereign state this year... that would have been something ahha. No government funding at all haha... almost half the state is owned by the government (state parks, national parks, national forests, etc.)
  15. My cousin's a California kid who has always loved the country and shit, he went to college out in Montana and I don't think he's ever coming back lol.

    All I see is pictures of him hunting or drinking and fishing out in beautiful nature. Kind of funny.
  16. Yeah... my family moved here from Washington State back in '96 for my Dad's job... we haven't relocated since... i really couldn't careless though since ive made this place my home. Does he go to school at University of Montana (Missoula) or Montana State (Bozeman)? We do have other colleges but those are the main 2... i think i might attend MSU Bozeman next year after i graduate HS... Bozeman is the #9 pot capital in the Nation you know :D
  17. Posting a pic of the bud on the scale with the scale off makes sense.
  18. i just gotta say that you're dumb as FUCK...... but still nice strap, nice car and BEAUTIFUL fucking bud!!

  19. It actually wasn't ironic at all. You know what is ironic though? Trying to call someone out for stupidity, and then using the incorrect form of "your." Good call posting.
  20. Wtf is wrong with u dude, Do u actually drink that sizzurp out of a baby bottle?? I would feel like such a faggot, its mind boggling a hood rat would do this.. Like seriously.. A fuckin baby bottle. I would love to see a grown ass man drinking out of a fuckin baby bottle.

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