We be high .com is down wtf??

Discussion in 'General' started by iTweaker, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey gc , we be high is a known website , I always use this when im passing through a new town (visiting relaitves or friends ) and it has never failed me to find good priced bud . In my hometown I have no use for it , but im going to ottawa for 6 months(my gf has to finish her degree semester there)and the fucking site is down :mad: , WTF! is there a we be high alternative website? , if someone can help me by PM thatd be cool too.
  2. I've heard of something called Google.

  3. enlighten us, because I can't find info as to why its down

  4. I didnT just write this thread just to ask why its down ... I also wanted to know if there are any alternative sites like that . read my whole post please , it takes less time than googling and finding a good link.
  5. I'm from Ottawa, and it's pretty easy getting it down here.
  6. It became webehigh.org guys. :)
  7. omg THANK YOU !!!!

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