We Are The Stoner Culture!

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. I've got about 1.5 bowls left, and I'm fucking baked. I was surfing Wikipedia, at a search came up 420(Canabis Culture). It got me thinking, We are the Stoner Culture of the 00's.

    Now, We have a lot to live up to. The 90's were boring, the 80's were about coke. But the 70's... The 1970's in California. The stories my dad told me. He's my idle. But just think of it... We just chill and blaze up, without realizing we are making history. Each one of us, we created this. The big fight for legalization, we made break throughs. New methods to injest and smoke THC-we created them. We've done so much for canabis, and It's done so much for us....

  2. Hell yeah we're making history- we're legalizing it for our kids to enjoy!
  3. Yeah, but don't diss on the 90s! Best music since the 60s :p
  4. Haha my bad. So high.
  5. smoking our way into the history books. nice
  6. yea but the important thing is we are getting into the books for doing good not evil.
  7. that's fo sho
  8. Well actually if you think about what the 00's will really be remembered as being the people who elected Bush and who were indecisive.
  9. Are we really going to be put into the text books of the future??

    I can't vision that happening. But they have no problem publishing shit about the 20's alcohaul prohibition. Marijuana in school textbooks, they are going to try everything to stop that.
  10. i completely agree,i cant seem to even consider seeing... Chapter 24 CANNABIS i mean the stoners of the 70s made it basically cause they were hippies and fought for what they beleived in.
  11. i thought the 80's was when breeders began raising the THC levels & learnin how to grow indoors.

    & wasnt the 90's when glass pipes could finally take the temp extremes. bringing about color changing glass as well as some very artistic pieces.

    our culture is constantly changing & adjustin to new tech.
  12. hell yeah, I hope it gets legalized soon then we will reallllly be remembered. Millions would rejoice and cannabis lovers would cover the street of America!!!!:smoke: God willing, I cannot wait:D
  13. Marijuana is in a lot of my college textbooks.

    The 70s came real, real close to legalization...

    This time we are smarter and stronger. It will come. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but anyone can see it is coming...

    The truth is hard to hide from for very long.
  14. Actually, I think we'll really be remembered as the techno generation. For the first time ever people are able to find colossal amounts of information at the touch of a button. Hell, we can have our groceries/pizza delivered to our homes ordering online.

    Sad thing is many things will be taken for granted or forgotten... like Pluto :(
  15. Shit you can do that???

  16. Agreed. With the medicinal properties seen and all the rumors being disproved, it's only a matter of time.
  17. I can only pray that one day, there will be a picture of me holding a bong in a text book for school children under the headline "Marijuana Smoker, Circa 2007"
  18. LOL, that gave me a hilarious visual.
  19. ill burn one for that

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