We Are The Problem

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  1.     The single greatest problem in the world today is mankind and its ability to reproduce...
        For its uncontrolled conception is a form of pollution in a world of limited resources.
        The unrestricted growth of population is the cause of poverty which fuels the fires of revolution and crime. 3-20A

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  3. If we are the problem, then what is the solution?

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  4. The poorest nations in the world are often among the least populated. Take the Congo, for instance, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a meager per capita GDP of only $300. The Congo's population density is only 75 people per square mile, a fairly light population density. Compare this with the Netherlands, one of the wealthiest countries in the world with per capita GDP of $39,200. The Netherlands has a population density of 1,039 people per square mile. (these numbers come from the CIA World Factbook).
    Sorry. Do a little research on the data and you'll find that population density isn't normally the primary cause of poverty. In fact, people generally coagulate into urbanized population distributions because there are more opportunities and they stand a better chance of obtaining a better standard of living in areas of higher population density. Of course there are exceptions to everything, but we should always avoid building general beliefs upon exceptions.
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    Learning how to control ourselves to reduce impacts and populations.  Human beings are largly controlled by their unconscious mind.  Logically, we need to learn to work directly with the unconscious in order to have an influence upon it without the conscious enabler of wants and desires interfering.
  6. How do you feel about China's one child policy?
  7. It's ludicrous to think we are over populated at this point in time. Our problem is feeding all the mouths (distribution) not having less of them (pop control).

    I will agree that we are the problem. However it's a sort of negative spin to say it and have no sense of action to better our current time situation. We are also the solution, the givers, the lovers, the rulers of the freaking planet. Hell we're pretty close to god - like.
  8. to be fair, our population growth is not unrestricted. the country with the largest population in the world, china, employs the family planning policy (one child policy). other countries have similar measures though not worth mentioning further. to say we are the greatest problem earth faces is foolish, if anything, we are the greatest hope, currently, for earth. resources are plentiful, though they are exhaustible. every human on earth could fit side by side in a state about the size of delaware, theres plenty open space. our way of depleting earths resources is not so simple as to be labeled good or bad.  
  9. I understand what he is trying to get at right now; however, I don't think it's Just the population density that causes poverty. The problem is the way these resources are being distributed and regulated.
    For example, we all know that 1 hectare of hemp can produce as much paper as 4 hectares of trees; yet, the government has put so many restrictions on growing it that companies just don't want to deal with it so they'll just keep chopping down trees.
  10. please explain what problem is caused by humans?

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  12. well i know one of our biggest problems is how we treat the ocean. we are literally draining it of life. there's a lot of shit we do thats harmful tbh...
  13.    I had a feeling this would get the water boiling. This is a statement out of a book i have taken a look at and was curious as to how everyone felt about it.
      In only a quarter of a century, man has doubled his population and if he shall continue to reproduce at this rate, then in less then ten centuries there would exist no standing room for his offspring upon this earth.
        Among the immense multitudes of the earth, intolerance on a crowded sphere is not only foolish, it is futile, for war is only self destruction.
        Mankind creates its own existence and then becomes the victom of its own creation.
        Limitless reproduction on a limited planet can bring about self-annihiliation to alleviate a crowded earth
  14. nope. Try again

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    that's subjective.

    Can you objectively.explain how its a problem?

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  15. My response.

    Who cares?

    Here is my.logic.

    First of all that would.never happen. People will starve to death before our population reaches that ammount. And there is nothing wrong with that. Its natural. We are just animals.

    Secondly without humans there is nothing. Humans are sentient. Animals are not.

    If humans were not here, all the little bunnies would still just live in "harmony" running from wolves until the sun goes red giant and eats the eearth.

    Our "emotions" and "desired" are the only thing that matters in this universe.

    All these "problems" are just obstacles.

    Its not as though there aren't humans trying to save the planet right?

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  16. i can just dont feel like it. but the documentary mission blue will better than i could ever dream. its on netflix if you have that. if not/if you seriously want me to explain it i will but here's the jist: the ocean is a large percent (i wanna say 25%) of our oxygen supply, that is slowly dying. the resources we get from the ocean are declining because of overfishing, pollution from humans in general bc we suck, there's a show airing rn thats literally about killing sharks for fun... there are 10% of them left. we are doing nothing but adding to the decline of the ocean. there's large part of reefs that are just d e a d that once held life because of all the shit we put it through its just sad to me because its preventable.
    so its a problem because we depend on it a hell of a lot...
  17. right. But that's a human problem.

    Its a problem for humans. Humans can't be the problem.

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    a problem for humans created by humans, much like 90% of our problems... humans can absolutely be the problem. absolutely.
  19. Of.coarse. I just meant to say, the way op said humans are the problem, to me, implied that earth would be better off without humans.

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    Do you have any proof for the bolded? 
    :smoke:  In fact, the sentence just before you say that we are just animals.  

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