we are one planet amongst trillions

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  1. yet we accept the fact we have Queens (UK), Presidents, Corporations ruling over us
    Dictators etc
    There is not a SINGLE shred of difference between us commoners and those "upper class" politcians and rulers
    Out there there is life roaming, it is STUPID to deny there isnt
    we have only been here for 100,000 odd years
    But what about for the other billion years? It only took us 100,000 years to go from beat man with stick to get another man to beat someone with a stick,
    there is life out there and they have never heard of christianity or islam or jews
    we are one planet amongst trillions
    yet our problems are LAUGHABLE.

  2. ^^ spot on
  3. There are 7 billion people.
    The difference between us and the upper class is that they have money and power.
  4. And yet their money isn't worth anything and without us they wouldn't have any power, were just fuel for somebody's engine.
    yup, just another resource exploited for the benefit of "The Man"!!
  6. There is a difference, these royals can trace their bloodlines back to Nimrod aka Gilgamesh

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  7. DAHA I seriously was just reading an article about how they found an 800,000 year old footprint.

    Archaeologists discover 800,000-year-old footprints on an English beach


    Once again. Propaganda comes from all direction. Do more research.

    Our problems are our problems because we have tangible evidence to talk about these things.

    I want to believe in other life but all I have to go off is micro organisms on mars lol

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