we are awaiting evolution

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  1. for those of you who disbelieve or for those of you looking for some evolutionary 'proof' to evolution, i have 2 words for you, Bird Flu.

    thats right folks, we are all waiting to see if the h5m1 strain will 'mutate' into another form. um, for those of u who are not in the know, mutation is the action inwhich evolution takes place. for each mutation of any and all genes, comes evolution. if its a better mutation, the organism might move forward, if its a worser mutation, it might not move forward. but the fact is that a mutation IS evolution.

    still dont get it? let use an easier example of the famous chicken and the egg question. if ur someone who believe in a creator, whamo! 'let there be chicken'. so the chicken is first. if ur an evolutionist, a chicken like creature had sex with a chicken like creature and their was a mutation in that love child that makes a chicken vs the chicken like creature before the mutation. certainly this is a simple analogy because there are a few other factors that need to be inplace, like distance and time of mutations and such, but that is the process.

    so the next time u say u dont believe in evolution, then u must not be afraid of the bird flu because it must not be evolving into something different than it is now.

    by the way, the argument behind evolution only being a theory is mute. only idiots can argue that pt. it IS a fact. everything evolves, universes, solarsystems, people, other animals, and even the flu. its fact so move on and try and argue so other pts that are based in some sort of fact (tho that is hard with people of 'faith" because faith is the opposite of logic, so by admitting to faith, u must necessarily be opposed to logic. but that is for another thread).
  2. Lmao!..wow..so stoned, well..i think by the year 2030 there wont be any lifeform on earth..haha
  3. The only reason we should worry about bird flu is if it mutates. Now it is only able to spread from poultry to a human. The only thing we should fear is if/when it mutates that it will spread from human to human.
  4. if and when it mutates = evolution. that is the point of the thread.
  5. uh ok, im totally for humans to evolve. while we might be waiting for a physical mutation that may never come, we can still evolve our minds and perspectives if we choose to. that is the greatest acomplishment we could attain presently.
  6. why does it only have to be a physical mutation?

    certainly our brain and our thinking has evolved. maybe even that is the most important evolutionary step?
  7. i thought i was agreeing with u.
  8. theres a thread a little while back about this, its 40 something pages long.

  9. I read that wrong. I dont think that we will be experiencing any good mutations. I only think that the drug companies will take this out of proportion. i think that they will come up with a shot to try to treat this disease when it will be killing people. All im saying is that the drug companies will take any step foward and move it back. They have cures for many diseases which they will never release, which could lead us forward in evolution, but theres no money in that.
  10. evolution is a non stop process. everytime 2 people have a baby, evolution added its hand to the mix.

    let me repeat that, everytime sexual reproduction takes place, evolution happens.

    using a logical syllogism;

    if 2 people have a sexual reproduction
    then evoluion takes place.
    evolution takes place with sexual reproduction.

    fyi, a clone is not sexual reproduction, its a-sexual reproduction. that means that baby will be exactly the same as momma. and because life is so complex, it also follows that sexual reproduction means that the baby cannot be exactly the same as momma. why? because only 1/2 the genes are from momma. the only exception to this is when momma and dad are exact copies of eachother,hich cannot happen in real life because there is a Y chromo in the male and not in female. this exception can only be recreated in a lab and is moot to the discussion at hand about evolution.
  11. as fars as i know, a human embryo cant be created in the "budding" process( if you have a link please post or PM it, thanks). you stand correct, even a-sexual infant; too has a slight genetic change from the two doner (as in a combination of genes).
    as far as the bird flu, yes. viruses of all kinds have been doing this "evolution" for as far back as i can read up. this is no different then from now. being on a microscopic level: its my theory that being such a small organism can change rapidly:

    a. there are alot of them, constantly reproducing
    b. being so simple in matter, it doesnt take much work for them (the viruses) to achive it.

    on the other matter, yes....the drug company will take advantage of this sitution to make, dare i say, money off it. because...well you know why, they're greedy bastards.
  12. 1. drug companies suck
    2. the last issue of discover magazine said something about the first step in evolution was from viruses and from that we have humans.

    einstein said if we used 50% of our brains we wouldnt need a body. i believe someday it would be possible to achieve this. the only problem is that we as a society relate so much to our bodies, if we didnt have a physical image of ourselves people would be lost. i could watch tv for 5 seconds and see something about body image. its conditioning.
  13. I love how Christians get so offended whenever someone tells them they
    evolved from apes, but they have no problem on Sunday when the preacher tells
    them they were created from dirt.


  15. I speak for myself. . . .

    I Do not get offended when someone tells me that they think we all evolved from apes.

    I do however find it offensive when people choose to give their opinions in a rude


    Then I am an Idiot. I would rather spend the rest of my days on earth an Idiotic

    Faithful Servant of God than someone who prides himself as being formed not by

    purpose but out of sheer chance.

    You say that the Bird flu is Evolution. The same facts can be interpretted in different

    ways, all according to what you believe.

    BTW- Thank you for sharing with me that you believe Evolution is Now a Fact.

    I commend you sir, you have just proved what ignorance really is.
  16. While youre idea is correct in theory..viruses technically dont evolve the same as animals do. Viruses reproduce many times spreading very quickly, thus increasing the chances of mutations and those mutants to reproduce as well.

    Animal evolution, as explained by Darwin, isnt so much focuses on the passing on of mutations, rather many subtle changes over many many generations.
  17. you do realize that every virus mutates? That's why we can get the cold so many times with it bypassing our antibodies, different mutations of the same virus.
  18. yes virus are not alive, but the process is still the same.

    "Animal evolution, as explained by Darwin, isnt so much focuses on the passing on of mutations, rather many subtle changes over many many generations."

    and distance. there must be some sort of 'island' of genetic simularity for the genes to stabilize also. but in general i agree with what u are saying Cushy.

    but the bird flu mutation that we are all awaiting for is most certainly evolution.

    which brings me to shouse1018. my guess is that nuthing i will say to u will make any difference but ill try...

    "You say that the Bird flu is Evolution. The same facts can be interpretted in different

    ways, all according to what you believe." how would another interpretation go? im all ears for another explaination on how the mutation is not evolution.

    "BTW- Thank you for sharing with me that you believe Evolution is Now a Fact.

    I commend you sir, you have just proved what ignorance really is."

    i can show u with 100% accuracy predictibility evolution in a dish. 100%, evertime i can predict what will happen. u might call that something other than fact, but i dont. maybe u need to read my logic vs faith thread. but just as i call 2+2= 4 a fact, u might not i suppose. but until u can come up with an answer other than 4, even once other than 4, u will only be fooling urself. face it, evolution happens.
  19. if evolution doesnt happen, how can we have produced genetically modified organisms?

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