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We are already at war with Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Obama talks peace with Iran, but what's he doing under the radar?

  2. Nice post.

    Who would benefit most from a major war in the middle east?

    Obama works for the same people that Bush did and I am not taling about us.

    Isn't it obvious by now?

  3. Obama is completley discredited. He will likely rally around a crisis, and promote nationalism and fascism, who else did that in the last 8 years, and where did it get us?
  4. That's really fucked...

    Why isn't Iran calling us out on this shit, constantly? I haven't heard anything about this on the news (other than that op-ed piece)

  5. I'd tell you why but you would not believe me.
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    They don't report it on American mainstream news. :)

    Edit: They do report the "unprovoked" replies though. (And of course with some good old healthy bias, selective vision, and limited airtime. ;))

    (To be clear, I don't think most reporters are satanists nor do I think they know much of anything, they are just airheads that have too little interest in the proper research it takes to be a good reporter. Destined to eat up the manipulative AP crap and report it to us with their usual blank superficial stare.)

    [/end rant]
  7. It's out there, it just isn't as big a story as a plane crash or Dick Cheney.

    Fox News: Iran Blames US for Deadly Mosque Attack

    NYT: Official Blames US for Bombing

    Reuters: US Rejects Iran Accusation

    While the Western Media will report the accusations and state denial, they will not mention the not-so-covert $400 million dollar operation started by Bush.
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    Nice article. I hope people will realize Obama is as a big as a warhawk as Bush was. He is increasing the amount of troops we have over in the Middle East (so much for his "promise" to withdraw from Iraq). All he is doing is playing around the numbers. I recently posted in the GC Gazette that he has deployed 29% more private contractors over there than Bush did.

    Edit: Mercenaries now account for 50% of the "troops" that we have over there.
  9. It all just seems so counterproductive... Iran is not going to be toppled just because we're funding that type of shit; from what I understand it's a pretty powerful state. This stuff is just going to annoy them and make our reputation with their leaders even worse.
  10. Well they have been killing our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I definitely think there are some proxy things going back and forth.
  11. If we don't destabilize their government, at the very least we'll get them to retaliate, whether through funding counter-terrorist groups or a military attack.

    This is how Israel expands its territory, by inciting a provocation (ie Gaza blockade).

    Raimondo (the author) writes here:

    I know you may not believe it, but our economy depends on warring and we are always looking for new fights. Not only do we rely on it for production and employment, but for the security of our AAA credit rating.
  12. This.
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    I know when 9/11 first happened Iran was totally supportive of the US response. Somewhere along the way we decided we didn't want there help and turned them into our enemies. I'll try and find some info. Edit: The "Grand Bargain" of 2003
  14. I read it here in the first paragraph.

    Do you really expect them not to try and undermine us in Afghanistan and especially Iraq? If you are going as far as to accuse the US of doing a proxy war against Iran, why would Iran doing it against the US in its neighboring country be unfeasible?
  15. I just wanted a source, not saying I wouldn't believe it. So they sell weapons to anti-Israeli groups... I'm sure America arms them too. What good would a for-profit-war be if our enemies didn't have decent weaponry?

    What do you think about the 2003 grand bargain, would they still be doing 'proxy war' if we had negotiated with them? Obviously they see us as a threat because of the way we treat them, calling them "evil" at every chance, and I think they reacted defensively in attempting to disturb America's struggle for Iraqi supremacy. I think it's pretty clear they are on our list of oil rich nations to invade and occupy.

    Then again, their actions would only be comparable if they were funding terrorist groups in America... which they are not. We are the only ones to fund terrorism in America.
  16. I don't really see the problem. The US have never been on friendly terms with the Iranian fascist theocratic regime. But being against a regime, is not the same as being against the people who are opressed by that regime.

    The US, indeed the entire democratic world, should work for a regime change in Iran. Through all available avenues. And seeing as the crazy ignorant terror-sponsoring Iranian regime is working towards producing nukes, and the missiles to carry them, we are now working with a deadline as well. Once the fanatical priesthood that controls Iran, also get their mitts on nukes, it is in all probability to late for a regime-change to happen on more or less peaceful terms.

    For one thing, Israel will never allow Iran to posess nukes, all the time the stated policy of Iran is not only overtly anti-semittic, with a holocaust denying president and priesthood, and in no terms open for interpretation have the goal, and soon the means, to wipe Israel off the map.

    The civilized world should work to thwart such belligerant and criminal regimes. Funding a domestic Iranian insurgence is as such a very low-level response. We should do more, fund any and all civil as para-military resistance movements to the current regime. Student organizations, political dissident movements, cultural organizations, sports-teams. Attack the regime by means of domestic proxies from all directions at once in order to destabilize it, whilst at the same time reassuring the Iranian people that once they do overthrow their theocratic regime, they will have our support to stabilize, rebuild, develop and prosper. If they select a democratic constitution based on individual rights and freedoms. In short, join the civilized world.

  17. it is funny now that all of those die hard obama lovers, that thought he was going to change the world in his first 90 days in office, have all buried their heads in the sand

    sucks when your hero turns out to be a tyrant just as bad as the guy you were railing against

  18. So you support American sponsored terrorism (the killing of innocent Iranians) or not?


    Again? When was the last time the CIA or M16 propped up a leader that wasn't a genocidal dictator with American interests in front of their own?

    Crazy, ignorant, fanatical... you're certainly passionate. They're working towards nukes? Where do you get your evidence?

    Please provide evidence of Iran being "anti-semetic". As far as I know they have the second largest Jewish population in the middle east, why would all those Jews want to live there?

    Being anti-zionist is a lot different from anti-semetic, I hope you know. Ahmidinejad did an interview with Larry King, I suggest you watch it. He does not outright deny the holocaust, he says it was embellished and exploited for Zionist ambitions.

    He, nor any Iranian official, ever said "wipe israel off the map". Where do you get that quote? What he actually said is the Zionist regime will be wiped from the pages of time, the same way the South African apartheid and Soviet Union were.

    Have you forgotten what motivates terrorism? The US sponsoring terrorism in Iran will not bring stability to the region, it will only bring war... and you can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.

    The people of Iran are evolving on their own, it is absurd of you to think we need to use violence and sabotage to expedite the process..

    How do you feel about America ignoring the negotiations Iran was willing to make in 2003? Were they "ignorant" for trying to appease the US for peace?
  19. Grass city, i've said it once, and i'll say it again...You think bush fucked up? Oh, buddy you just wait.

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