We are all an oppressed minority

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  1. I think to myself how people love to talk about minority rights and stuff, but al too often we ignore the greatest and smallest minority of them all: the individual. Think about it, laws and stuff, although in theory protect us, do nothing but propagate society at the expense of the individual and rape the individual slowly of their rights.
  2. So we should live in an anarchistic society where everyone can do whatever they want without fear of consequences?

  3. How are those consequences working out for us? Getting us somewhere positive?
  4. The reason human beings were able to become the intelligent beings we are is because early man was able to figure out that if you do not want someone to do something you create a negative consequence for that action. Without rules there would be no modern man, without rules we would not be able to have this discussion. Primitive man was driven purely by emotion and instinct. If human beings were unable to create a society in which they could have a sense of safety, no inventions or advancements would ever have been made.

    Arguing against a rule driven society is like arguing against evolution. Laws have allowed us the freedom to exist and prosper.

    So in answer to your question yes, I think consequences have gotten us somewhere positive, they have gotten us where we are now. Without them there is no modern human.
  5. there will always be consequence for the individuals actions deemed unsavory by his peers, regardless of law. vigilantism exists in modern society. laws serve the model of society more than societies individuals. there are many unjust laws, and many people choose to ignore them. i would hardly relate this fact to any form of anarchism. it seems that when the word anarchy comes into play, it is assumed that society will fall apart and individuals will inevitably run wild as chaos ensues. i just don't think that is the case. most people conform to a reasonable standard of "right and wrong" and know that things like murder and theft will not be tolerated. i feel that most people would agree with the golden rule, though there will inevitably be exceptions.

  6. Oh boy... modernity is great. So modern we may experience the end of mankind.
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    Who sais that the cavemen had worse society than modern day humans? I mean obviosuly it was less developed because of had a large lack of rules but they where probably more happy than modern people, because they didn't have to worry about all these rules. And at the end of the day happiness of the people is what creates a good society, not how much technology/understandnig they have.
  8. i think youre blowing it out of proportion, i personally dont feel held down by current laws or anything, my quality of life isnt destroyed. if anything im glad there are laws in place, we're much safer. Thats the whole point of a society, and its inevitable.

    sure there are some laws that might suck but theres no need to make a big fuss about it and say we're opressed...im not saying be naive, but be a little more realistic
  9. The problem is justice revolves around money.

    From anarchy, a leader would rise, and the cycle continues.

    The falut is our own because we define not only 'oppression' but also 'fault'.

    If you think the individual is oppressed.. I dunno about you, but I do what I want, daily.

    We're HEADING to oppression. We'll be there after we lose our collective cool. And then, the explosions.
  10. We live in a fascist government, oppresion works for them,
    and as long as they have an elaborate enough illusion that we are free all the dumb people which makes up a large percentage will just belive everything they are spoon fed for their addiction to social acceptance.
    Its come to the point where crimes arent based on human rights anymore.
    people are going to jail for choosing to use/ assosciate with things that cause no harm but to them selves.
    the government seems to work behind a vast veil of secrecy and corruption.
    with the power being held in the hands of the elite
    our economy runs on monopolies and so dose our government,
    Money talks, we have no say, democracy has died belive it or not.
    look at this

    You need to realize that the united states is a corporation and you are not a citizen of that corporation, you have not signed a contract with them so you do not have to abide by their laws, people must read the constitution, you are a citizen of america, or your home town. i do not affiliate with my government, taxes are unconstitutional, our government should be using the sales tax for revenue, not stealing from our pockets for nationalistic reasons.
    all our tax money that we work hard for goes to pay outstanding national debt,
    And what the fuck is up with the federal reserve,
    "its as federal as fed ex"
    anyone who says were being rediculous should do your hmework,
    bilderberg, haliburton, the CIA, and FBI are all some of the biggest legitamized organized crime rings
  11. Like h20420 said... I do whatever I want, daily... but we do have something to fear if WE do not GET UP AND DO SOMETHING.... We are the next generation and WE have the responsibility to make a better world for our children, and this starts with everyone fighting for a better government and social structure... We can do it, but it's almost impossible (although I think in my lifetime we will see a revolution) based on the fact the governments are a huge financial institution, and people with tons of money, wanna keep it...


  12. lol foreal.

    in all aspects, think about it. Is man suppose to consume five fruits a day, or eat whatever portion of bread? No, our body is not adapted to these diets not a single one. Most of the things we ate, thousands of years ago, is seasonal.That's how diseases are so relevent in today's times. We create some nasty shit that causes diseases to pop up.
  13. I think some of you need to visit a country where people are truly living with an oppressive government.

    To call American's "oppressed" is just offensive. The fact that you have a chair to sit in as you surf the internet puts you ahead of 90% of the people in the world.

    I'm not a victim and I refuse to play that game. I live my life exactly how I want to, and am willing to accept any consequences that may go along with that.
  14. Are you kidding me? no one here was comparing our oppresion to people across the planet. People should be able to express thier extremly legitimate fears of thier government without having people like accuse them of being whiney. Country borders are nothing but lines and we should not think in countries, our whole world is oppressed, so dont try to accuse people of thinking only of themselves.

  15. Yeah but is that starving CHIld not more oppressed than all the capable adults in America?? In our societies we all have equal opportunity to be any profession (obvious limitations, but still)....

    ...in other societies... people die before they have kids cuzz they can't find enough food to live that long....

    Get where Penelope is going with this??
  16. Yes and i dont deny that, in fact, what i said was that people should be able to say they feel oppressed without being told they need more perspective
  17. This is the internet.

    The OP has every right in the world to post about how 'oppressed' he feels, and I have every right to disagree with him.

    And because we all live in a free society, you have the right to then disagree with me. We're all adults here, and I think we can handle a bit of disagreement.

    (the irony of it all is absolutely killing me, btw)

    If you live in the present day United States, and you are calling yourself oppressed, you DO need more perspective. I'm sorry if you don't like that answer, but you have more opportunities available to you then 90% of the world. That doesn't mean our government doesn't have issues, it just means that you should learn what oppression really is.

  18. That is true, I see where you're getting at... Yeah the reality is we are an oppressed minority... and the "majority" is really that minority of people who tend to have plenty of money and power... hahha

    ...talk about irony??

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