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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Spliffin Bowls, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. For the first time probably since the 1970s, Marijuana is being debated on the news networks and all over respectable publications that post online as well. TheSportingNews.com apparently even had some kind of legalization related discussion to the Michael Phelps issue. (I found this out while reading this thread: http://forums.theganggreen.com/showthread.php?t=42103 This website is an NFL team fansite (new york jets) and therefore the people posting here are from all walks of life, many agreeing about legalization..this is a good sign)

    I am sure many of you frequent other message boards and have made this an issue there as well. That's not the only example, watching tv news, even CNBC which is focused on economic spin, you're seeing Marijuana as an issue.

    The Obama admin watches the same news we do, they're seeing what's going on. Keep calling CNN, keep calling fox news when they want opinions, keep fighting for it so it remains an issue. The media is the 4th branch of government.

    Keep defending Phelps, keep defending anti-prohibitionist segments on the news and obviously keep debating.

    Most importantly, keep up the good work, and keep smoking. :smoking:
  2. I think it's amazing the effect one man can have on an entire country, this Michael Phelps thing couldn't have come at a better time, Obama's new presidency, decrim bills in Congress, and then this, he definately swayed a lot of people's opinions with the whole well if he can win 8 gold medals and swim faster than a fuckin fish, and smoke pot I guess we can do it too!! it just proves weed has no adverse side effects. It is also ridiculous how so many people's attitudes changed toward Phelps, before they loved him, oh my god Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals he's my hero, but when people found out he smoked weed, OH shit, lets change our whole view of him and basically be prejudiced towards him because he smokes. The reason I say prejudiced is because he is the same fuckin person he just smokes a little weed now and again, but before the weed everyone loved him now they hate him, and they ridicule him and treat him like a different person, he's the same but people judge him on what he's done, and the funny thing is most of the people who judge him are probably way more fucked up than him, there is definately some people who hate Phelps now but are not ones to judge because they might have molested a little boy, or snorted coke, but Phleps smokes weed and they wanna say fuck him.... What we need is Chuck Norris to advocate weed publicly and there should be a picture with Phelps holding a bong next to chuck whos smoking a fat blunt , and it will say when Chuck Norris smokes weed he doesn't get high, weed gets chuck Norris, lol. And chuck will say you wanna ridicule my friend Mr. PHelps because he smokes weed, well then I'm gonna fuccckk you upp bitch, come say that shit to my face... That will stop all the haters, just the presence of fear that if you say anything bad about weed Chuck will pop up out of like a t.v. or a fish bowl and kick your ass.
  3. how high are you rite now bro? haha:D
  4. Haha I'm wondering the same thing. I just read that and was like, "Only a Stoner... :D"
  5. lol yep. but, personally i find stoners actually have the best and most intellectual conversations out of anybody because they talk about the points of something that no one else would even think of. it helps me love my kind even more <3
  6. lmfao :smoking:

    OP you are right about it spreading to all sorts of other forums. AboveTopSecret.com, a very large and populated conspiracy website/alternative news/Ron Paul fanboy forum deleted every thread I ever posted on marijuana (anything, even medicinal) and any thread anyone posted because it was against the forum rules to talk about "illegal drugs". Now there has already been like 5 legalization threads with hundreds of replies since Phelps and some of them don't even mention Phelps.
  7. Rofl I thought you guys would enjoy that, and yes I was quite high at the time, but seriously who would ever talk bad about weed or Phelps knowing what Chuck Norris is capable of.
  8. Wow.

    I've never considered the Chuck Norris Factor before.

    Now, if we just add in Jean Claude Van Damme, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar, it'll be like the "A team".

    3 Stoned Killers, out on a rampage of vengeance against anyone who says anything bad about weed or Mike Phelps!

    This week, watch as they pull Bill O'Reilly from his chair, and using kung-fu, karate, and bear-hugs, finally squeeze the living truth out of him!

    I want to see that, yeah,....um, but what were we talking about?:D
  9. Lol I honestly didn't even read the op's post, sorry op, I just kinda went off on my own tangent, and now it's basically turned into this, so in response to that I don't even know what we were talking about, I guess we can talk about whatever we want. Hahahaha imagine those three in a really small car together.....Chuck your hogging all of the seat..... I shall terminate you hahahaahahaaahaha. That's Arnold but I'm pretty sure that was obvious, then the fabled extra fist would pop out of Chuck's beard and hit Van Damme right in the face...... That would be the end of the amazing A Team, too much internal strife and testosterone in there, but when they did unite for a greater good it would be:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello: GLORIOUSSSSSS.

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