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we all somehow end up with the tv muted and an album on..

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. right now I'm watchin the Exorcist II (1977) with Death Grips 'No Love Deep Web' bumpin lol whats your favorite combo
  2. U at least have subtitles?

    The film composer for the movie is turning in his grave
  3. Lol...I can only have one or the other. Music or tv/movie. I'm watching gossip girl but I pause it when I feel like listening to a song.
  4. I'm the complete opposite. Tv is on watch it, want to listen to music? Hope you remember when the show/movie is over lol
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    Hahah nah dawg...this movie wack as hell anyway I've seen it before lol

    idk how to turn on subtitles on my tv :eek:

    haha who cares tho?


    visual and auditory stimulation...this album better then the movie soundtrack IMO hahah
  6. also, the honky that did the music for the film is still alive :(

    I hope to make him turn in his grave one day though
  7. Haha I like to do this and sometimes the muted people on tv look like they are singing the song.
  8. Got my iPod hooked up via Xbox and I'm jamming with Netflix in the background.

    Only when I'm drunk

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