We all love to roll up once and a while man

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  1. Well, I am kind of stoned right now and i wasnt totally sure if this is the right place to put this thread but whatevr. But anyway we all love our precious pieces and bongs and what not. But everyone also loves to roll up once and a while blunts and joints. What do you guys roll up in? i like joints and blunts if u guys like blunts what kind of blunt you guys roll? game? dutch? swisher? comment i would luv to hear som feedback. one love
  2. i prefer joints, but i like blunts once in a while (double platinum wraps) :)
  3. Nothing like a spliff and coffee. As far as blunts go, there's something about a woodtip B&M that hit's the spot. I have one more week on this t-break, then it's blunt to the face for this happy camper.
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  5. nice man i luv the feed back guys
  6. to tell you the truth, in my two years of smoking i've never smoked a blunt.
    but i do enjoy joints.
  7. All I do is smoke blunts.

    Occasionally, I'll rip a bong or bowl but most of the time my friends would rather smoke blunts so that's what we do.

    Usually we smoke regular Dutch Masters but sometimes we get Games.
  8. white owl the 2 pack one with the little zipper always fresh I SWEAR by them only flavor i don't like is the white grape but everything else is BOMB!!
  9. man ive been smoking 5 years and ive never smoked a blunt,

    joints are nice once and a wile...then again its awesome sitting down infront of a fire taking hits with my nice bong
  10. I've been craving a fatty cone (joint) for a while now. Haven't been able to justify rolling up 2 grams of dank, lol. I need more weed
  11. I love blunts. If I'm are rolling a big one, I always use dutchs. If its just around a gram or so I use swishers. Sometimes I like black & milds because of the wood tip. Just something different.

    And zig zigs for Js :smoke:
  12. As outlined in the Holy Madvillain verses:

    Quas, when he really hit scar mode
    Never will he boost loose Phillies with the barcode
    Or take a whole carload on a wasted trip
    Or slit White Owl laced tip from tip with yip
    Some rather baggies others like they cracks and browns
    Catch a tag, roll a bag of swag in a Black'n'Mild
    See twist Optimo, just the raw leaf part
    The list top gold, bust before beef start
  13. Love blunts for the convenience, and how easy they are to dispose of. For the most part when I'm not at home, and are driving its mostly always a blunt I'm smoking swishers usually.
  14. Pretty much all I smoke are spliffs, since I quit smoking for while and never got out the bong again.

    I have 1 or 2 blunts on the weekend though.
  15. I love me some blunts <3 wrap mine with royal blunt's or some juicy jays.
  16. yea yea i love rollin up once and a while but i love bongs man and bubblers but i like blunts and joints some times but im luvin the feedback guy spread the love
  17. i just rolled my first blunt with a ju ju flavored zig zag wrap.....im gonna have to say i pearled it.
  18. Blunts. Garcia Vegas, if not a vega, then a swisher.
  19. How could any weed smoker have never smoked a blunt wow
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    I always smoke joints/blunts.I aint even got a piece.

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