Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Matek, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Just want to say, I'm really glad that site like this exists, where we potheads from araund the world can unite & share experiences in smoking ganja.
    P.S Please correct my if i make some mistakes but i dont speak english very good...especially when im high :)
  2. Welcome to the City!!! This is a really cool place to be so have fun while you're here! Your English seems fine...besides, we're all stoners...things like that don't matter so much. We all speak MaryJane in the end, anyway!
  3. Welcome to the City!!!
  4. welcome.....Peace out....Sid
  5. you probably speak english better than me when im high..and its my first language lol!

    anyway, welcome to the city!
  6. Welcome to the city!!!
  7. you dont have to talk just type. Youll find us very forgiving. welcome to the city friend. :)


  8. lol, you know it!
    welcome to the city! :)

  9. haha the funny thing is thats true......

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