Ways to toke without the smoke and smell!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by teg21, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. For when i smoke in teh house, so my parents dont smell the weed, I use a toilet paper roll stuffed with about 3 layers of toilet, each layer is sprayed with colonge and it seems to eliminate the smoke and smell. All you do is take a hit from the joint/bong/pipe and exhale into the tube. Does this work or do you get high and not smell the smoke and smell? Do you guys have any other strategies for eliminating the smell and smoke?
  2. Use dryer sheets instead of toilet paper.
  3. what r dryer sheets?
  4. You know, like Snuggle or Bounce sheets. Fabric softener? Put them in the dryer...clothes are static free and smell mountain fresh? Blow smoke through them...house is all nice and fresh.
  5. lol, i justed posted about doob tubes in another thread. oh well.
  6. yeah the "traditional method" is to use fabric sheets. Unless its awkward for your mom to be smelling daisies in your room...if thats the case then just stick with your cologne

    I had a homemade vaporizer that had almost no smell whatsoever other than a slight pine-ish scent if you got within a foot of the mechanism
  7. nubbin, that picture is really freaking me out man. That guy looks like a really weird dude.
  8. hey nubbin, are vaporizors worth the money? they seem kinda cool.
  9. so vaporizers make the smell go away?? What are they and how do they work??
  10. ok, well Ive made homemade vaporizers b4 and Ive used a commercially built one a few times....The vaporizers heat the marijuana up only till it hits the vaporization point of thc...therefor the only thing that you inhale is vaporized thc and since there's no leaf being burned theres barely any smell, other than the mild pine tree scent from the vaporized thc....A few problems with vapos are the fact that they take you away from your traditional bowl lighting ceremonies..and I know that alot of people are willing to risk their lungs to be able to enjoy the ceremony of lighting that bong or bowl.

    I hate to post ways to work around buying from a store on that stores very own forum, but basically you can make a cheap vaporizer (20 bucks tops) with a soldering iron and some creativity...just fashion a home made bowl to the tip of the iron and heat up the bud until a white mist starts to ploom out of the bowl..once this happens you need to unplug the iron so it doesnt get any hotter and burns the leaf....If possible use a 2litre soda bottle to fashion a surrounding "mist catcher" which has some sort of opening to suck from....the mist is so thin and light that you can take massive hits without knowing it...just imagine icebong hits times 10....

    Eome, I think you PMed me a while back asking how to make one, but I forgot about my PMs and only read your message about a week ago, so if you still wanted me to, I could try and email you a detailed description of how I made mine.

    Basically the homemade ones worked just as well if not better than the commercially made one that I tried....but it all comes down to preferences of how you like to smoke, and if you're willing to pay the amount of money that some of these products are offered for.

    My opinion of vaporizers is that until they become a little more sophisticated and user friendly, aswell as decrease in cost, then im just fine with either experimenting with my homemade soldering iron vapo, or smoking the traditional way and using a toilet roll with some fabric sheets crammed into it.....but everybody reacts differently to vapos, so dont take my word for it solely...
  11. I just picked up a vaporizer just recently and yep no smoke to speak of. Just the vapor and it would be great if it was more user/people/ group friendly. I have seen articles about recharable battery operated portable vaporizers, that look awesome but 400$?!.

    Blow your smoke out the window. =)

  12. Actually i was seriousely considering the handheld vaporizer from grasscity...its a glass bubble with a tube.....(basically a crack pipe) that you hold a lighter under..although this is the only place Ive seen it being sold..
  13. i just bought a "ubie", which is a cigarette vaporizer, it is small and very portable, i paid 10 bucks for it and waiting for it to come in the mail. I can't wait
  14. hey teg ive seen those before..but the website i went to was down...is it just ubie.com?

    EDIT: ok i found it...smoke-right.com I remember going here last time but when i clicked on the "buy" button it took me to a page that just said "on vacation, try back later"
  15. yea nubbin thats the site i ordered mine from yesturday, it is going to be here tommorow. I cant wait that thing looks sweet as hell, i can just imagine smoking in my room with getting busted
  16. lmao..nice
  17. Would be to get a "dugout" pipe. Also known as a one hitter. Little wooden canister with a small brass pipe in it. Blow the smoke out the window. I have used mine in bars and other public places with no problem.
  18. Yeah, I have a few dugout systems already, but they still let out smoke. One that I take out in public looks like a halfway burned down cig...Although if you get close enough you can tell that it aint tobacco. These ubies look quite interesting though....I planned on getting one a while back but the site was down, but now that its back up and offering them i just might have to go ahead and get one... I wanna see what Teg's review is before I get one though..so teg let us all know how it turns out when you finally get it...
  19. shit i have been waiting for a long time emailing hte guy about my "ubie" (my vaporizer) and the guy keeps saying that he will send another one and i never got one. Dont buy from smoke.right.com or something like that.

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