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Ways to tell if your stoned enough..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. If you have trouble spelling at or it...

    If you can't see things 10 feet in front of you clearly..

    If you have the munchies real bad and can't think of what to eat...

    What else do ya'll have to add!

  2. im like this 24/7 though... thats a bad thing huh... lol

    if you can't really talk much but can think yet the only words that come out of your mouth are ugghh.....ehhh....all shot...

    your talking to a freind and forget what they said one line before....

    your forget how to walk or go to the bathroom...

    Leave a full beer next to you on the coun ter and go pop another cause you cant find the one ytou just opened even though its sitting right next to you....(sin)

  3. :)

    happens alot... or at least, used to.. back in the day when i would get cained.

    .... laughter ensues. :D
  4. some things are...
    when you wander your house or outside because your trying to find somtthing(dont know what)
    when you sit at grass cith ready to post, like on that page..

    and sit there for like 20 minutes, than scroll down to figure out what you were going to post to, then decide not to, and get offline, then decide you wanted to post to that then go back on to there and forget what you were going to say....

    all i got for now
  5. when you cant figure out how to fucking open a door, happens all the time, and i walk down my hall and fall into walls, and when your just mumbling and not actually saying anything. when everything you hear sounds like one thing, and it all comes into your mind at once and dont know where but... shit im lost whatever
  6. When I think of things to tell the city family and then can't remember a damn thing I had been thinking of...

  7. when you wake up in someone elses house in another state.

    a week after you *remember* getting stoned
  8. I do that from time to time!!!!! Zonedude
  9. when you your sitting with your best friend and you are talking and you suddenly forget who the person next to you is and how you meet him.... that sucks... or when you are smoking a cig and you decied that you need another and spark up the new one before finishing the other one... or when your driving to the closest liqour store to get a 12 pack of corona to wash all that nice smoke down and you end up an hour away at one of your old buddies house...or when you wake up in a city bus going to where you dont know...

    anyways just a few of my too stoned stories..

    toke it up
  10. When a conversation stops and within less than one second you totally have no idea wwat you were just talking about.
  11. thccrystals: that happens to me all the time, lol

    ...when you see mad visuals of people with an extra eye on their forehead the size of a fist...

    ...when you almost trip on a pebble...

    ...when your face hurts from smiling...

    And just for the record, you can never be too stoned.
  12. I agree with the "Never too stoned"
    I have always been raised with the morals that you shouldent cut out of a sesh. If you rolled the joint that big obviously you wanted to smoke that much.

    I remeber one time i was soo high i just closed my eyes for a sec. and when i opened them i had no idea where i was for a good minute ( i hate that feeling)

    or you get so high you start chasing fat kids around in your boxers whipping jelly donughts at them. (true story)

    or you wake up and own an amazing new bong

  13. me too, bergeco! smoke it till it's gone....

    i forget what i'm going to say in the middle of sentences all the time. it's no wonder i swear so bloody much! :D

    not finding ANYTHING to eat - not at the store, not at a grease grill, not in a fully stocked fridge. what the hell is up with that anyway?

    i forget what this thread is about......
  14. You can never be too stoned... But you can be stoned enough.

    I was stoned enough last night that I thought I wasn't working today... I was fooled this morning!!
  15. when you find that you've been staring at a potato with your finger in your nose for going on 30 min. now and it makes perfect sense.
  16. when you start to actually conciously think about involuntary muscle movements such as breathing, swallowing, moving your tongue around inside your mouth etc so much that you are doing nothing besides that

    when absurd things seem to happen all the time, and you can't believe that they are happening, even when you stop to consider the fact that you are really stoned, they still seem absurd.

    when you are walking down the sidewalk and you look up at the sky or close your eyes and when you look back at the sidewalk ahead of you, it seems like you have barely moved forward at all.
  17. Dr Jammin, you totally just described things I notice when I'm way out there. I got stoned and got dropped off at this live night thing at a coffee house--heard some badass guitar and then walked home. I got the same feeling of not really going anywhere, heh. All three things you listed are so true!
  18. ...when your telling a big ass story, then all of sudden you stop and forget the whole basis of the story.
  19. When you hear some one say...... Are you going to listen to me? and they have been talking for 5 minutes and you don't know anything they have said!!!
  20. I got some more.

    ...when you turn to see if cops or parents are around every half a minute.

    ...when your eyes are really heavy.

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