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Ways To Store Large Quantities

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bud_explorer420, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Large quantity of buds; it just takes too much time to put all of it in glass mason jars, costs too much to buy the amount needed, and there isn't enough space to store it all. 
    While trimming and storing it for now keeping it all in turkey bags, zip lock bags, and plastic containers until they are finished and ready to cure. There's a lot of damage done due to mold, decay, bugs eating away at buds in the last part of the flowering phase so getting the buds ready is taking longer than expected. 
    What ways do you recommend storing large quantities of bud? Besides storing in glass mason jars.
    Thanks in advance!! :) 

  2. I convert all of my premium buds to oil, excluding what my patients get.
    I have oil that is over 2 years old that is of the same quality it was when it was first made. Maybe a little darker, but other than that, it is just as potent. Stored in vials and syringes which are then stored in sealed jars.
    Just don't have the room to store the buds. In my opinion to store the buds properly, they have to be dried out for long term storage. They can stay well preserved if they are dry enough then stored in sealed containers. It is just that storing buds will take up a lot of space and can also exceed the allowable amount to have on hand.
    Smoking joints is good and all, but for me, it does not compare to ingesting oil. Oil made with alcohol there is no worry about mold.
    Let the oil stay sealed in a jar for a good 100 days and it will decarb naturally. Superior to any other oil in my opinion since there was no heat used and it will contain all of the terpines, CBDs, and flavanoids, as well as THC.
  3. How do you make your oil? Or is there a specific website's direction you used? A friend made it and it didn't turn out so well... So looking for a more proficient way of making it.
    Thanks for the response  @Grow Goddess!! :)
    First, sorry for the delay in responding, I did not notice the additional comment on this thread. I will put blame on the oil! :p
    Second, I was speaking of the naturally decarbed oil as being my favorite. I call it ND Sap. I have learned it is best to keep it in a liquid state, leaving some solvent. Half fill the vials and shake weekly. Carefully open the vial to purge the CO2. It can take anywhere from 30 to 120 days to fully decarb. That is my favorite oil to eat, vape, and I prefer to store it in the vials. After it is done decarbing I will leave the cap off so it can finish evaporating the solvent before use.
    I like to use 100% organic products, including the buds. I stopped using 190 proof grain alcohol due to the water content due to the slight risk of mold from the water. I have really been liking the 200 proof KleenXtract organic ethanol.
    I tried some oil I had around that is 4 years old. Just as good as the day I sealed it in the jar. I do keep the oil stored in vials or syringes then in a sealed jar just in case there is a leak. The 3 year and 4 year old oil was high quality RSO.
    Google search GrowGoddess' blog, you will pretty much see my concentrates are all alcohol extractions. RSO, QWISO, QWET, and ND Sap. I only use quality buds to make my oil.
    Once you try out some really good oil there is no going back in my opinion. If stored correctly, the oil will not degrade. You can store a pound of buds converted into oil in a small vial.

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