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Ways to store clean urine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by np9330, May 18, 2009.

  1. Ok, so I just passed my DT for my new job (fuck yeah) after 3 1/2 long weeks of not smoking. I've decided that to avoid situations like this in the future, I wanna freeze some of my now-clean urine in case I need to take more tests in the future. But I have a couple of questions about that.

    First, what would anyone suggest for storage units for it? Also, how long is this urine good once I freeze it, providing it is kept frozen?
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  2. Just use someone else's clean piss if your going to do that.
  3. That's not possible, I don't have any friends who I'd feel comfortable asking for piss who would test clean.
  4. Alright, ended up buying a couple 4 oz glass gerber baby food jars. Pretty cheap, like 55 cents, and could be used as a nice cheap, if a bit small, airtight stash jar for people in need. So I'm set on containers.

    But I'm still curious about how long frozen urine will keep. Meaning, I could substitute it for a test and it'd test the same as new urine.
  5. this is bizarre, strange, and pretty gross.

    It will take hours to thaw liquids, and your job probably wont accept a freezing sample of piss.

    I would write more on this..but really...this is gross's just sort of a matter of pride. some people just drink an expensive bottle of stuff that only occasionally works and try to flush the bad piss out of their system, and others keep a mason jar full of piss in their fridge, to stink up their other food and to collect mold. it's just a matter of preference i suppose. :rolleyes:
  6. The dealer on American Beauty did it, thats a moive though. piss tends to turn a darker yellow and turn to shit over time, because its sorta salty it might not freeze all too well, i wouldnt put it with my food either, just get synthetic urine
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    Alright, first of all, to the people who say it's gross, I don't give two shits what your opinions are of the process. If it grosses you out, then don't come in the thread, I made the topic clear enough in the title. Plus, it's coming out of my body, and I think it'd be a lot more disgusting to handle someone else's piss as was suggested previously. It's my auxilary freezer in a jar inside a tupperware, not "contaminating my food" :rolleyes:. And I'm not asking you to help me handle it, so fuck off if you don't like it.

    I'm not gonna spend $40+ every time I want to pass a test by using drinks that can be detected and synthetic urine that doesn't always work.

    I'm just asking for an answer to a simple question, and again, if you don't want to help, then fuck off and don't waste GC's bandwith with your snarky responses. Thanks to those who have actually tried to help or offer advice.
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    well sorry, i did research and your method can last it up to sixth months to a year
    Q- How long do your clean urine samples last and how should they be stored?

    A- Samples should be stored in a refrigerator. If stored for extended periods of time then they should be frozen. The integrity of our samples is ensured by our proprietary vacuum seal. As long as the sample remains in its vacuum seal it may be kept at room temperature away from direct sunlight for days at a time. It will be good for up to six months, in the vacuum seal, if stored in the refrigerator. If frozen in the vacuum seal, it can last for about 1 year. Once the sample is removed from the vacuum seal, it should not remain at room temperature for more than 18 hours. It will keep in the refrigerator, unsealed, for 30 days. In the freezer, an unsealed bag can last up to 6 months.
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  9. Hi,

    Urine is sterile, freeze it and it will keep indeffinately. You need to sterilize the containers that you bought, just flush the inside of the containers and the inside of the lids with boiling water and that will be fine. It will keep the urine from degrading at all. If you are still clean, make some new pee, straight into the sterile containers, then freeze. keep the containers in brown paper bags to keep the light off of them. you can use the pee for years. they only test for thc, not anything that might change over time. you will need some warning to warm the stuff up and use it though. If you aren't clean anymore and you just have the pee from earlier, just use what you have in the containers that you bought, and freeze and cover, it will still be good for a long time. the stuff you read was dealing with the other properties of pee degrading after 6 months, the other properties are not what you are worried about, they are only measuring for thc --and possible the specific gravity and that's just so you can't turn in watered down pee. just freeze it and keep it and replace it next time you get clean for a month.

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  10. You also still need to get the urine to keep at body temperature, and sneak it in at the same time, in all honesty I don't think it's worth the trouble.
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  11. I disagree. I think that it would be worth the trouble if somebody wishes too keep their job. Out of curiosity how would you keep your piss at body temperature anyways??

  12. That's kind of the point. Pretty much the only way to keep your piss at body temperature is to have it come out of your own body. I think the whizzinator accomplishes it somehow, look into that.

    They check the temperature of the urine on drug tests.
  13. Of course you wouldnt hand in freezing or cold piss. If you know when the test is either get it out late the night before or early in the morning the next day depending on when the test is. You can get hunting hand warmers to help thaw it out and warm it up quicker. But be careful because the hand warmers can over heat the sample and cause it to be too hot.
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  14. Well if it comes down to warming the piss, you can always use the method in the synthetic bottles, use one of those hand warmer packets. Only problem is in the synthetic urine kit it has a thermometor on the bottle so you know when its the correct temp
  15. I had to pass pee tests for two years in high school because of supervised probation. The biggest problem (that almost got my buddy caught cheating) is keeping the pee at temperature. But there is a simple solution. Since i never knew when my PO would show up to school, i would keep a small bottle of pee on me ALL OF THE TIME, in my pocket, touching my leg. My body heat kept the urine warm. But the cups that I had to use didnt have a temperature guage on it, so it was just up to my P.O. whether or not it was warm enough. Luckily my P.O. was a woman and could not watch me pee, but there were times that she would have a male watch me- who eventually busted me which caused the county to revoke my probation.

    But for a job, it is easy. And if they try to have someone pat you down or watch you pee, tell them to fuck off and then leave with your dignity and privacy.
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  16. I don't know why people don't think of this. Tape it to the inside of your leg, it'll stay body temperature as long as you have it there. Tape a clear rubber tube to your penis so that you can press on the bag your urine is in and it'll look like it's coming out your dick. Using this method, you could pass just about any UA unless they're 15 inches from your dick and manage to see the tube
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  17. if it's a job test then i'd assume that they wont supervise you pissing. in that case, take a 4-6 oz eye drop container like Renu or whatever u got, and have the person piss in it for ya a couple hours before the test. tape that to your inside leg or stuff it under your sack. then just squirt it in the tube, give it to the person, go home and smoke a blunt
  18. one time i had a phonecompany subcontractor gig .. my bros pee refrigerated it overnight pour into med size prescription bottle and cap it.. secure glove warmer(the activated charcoal/iron kind) around it with rubberband about hour nd a half before i haddaleave. tested temp bout half hour before testime.. was 95 deg f.. wore 2 pair briefs nd crotched it between the 2..right before i a lil steamy in the crotch area in the waiting room but everything worked out well lol.. was def better than any of those drinks or whatever cuz they mostly rely on dilution and substitution..used them twice (q32 stuff or wtevr).. first time worked nd i smoked 5 days earlier..second time didnt smoke for 18 days nd it still came up...and im very active and 22 loll ik a zillion union guys tht swear by that stuff .. but its usually cuz theyre not heavy smokers nd they got like a week or 2 heads up..whether thts a result of that stuff tht they passed idk.. glad i dont havta worry about it anymore
    as for freezing pee ive heard its fine... i would thaw it in the fridge tho.. id imagine the molecules nd stuff would be less excited and less likely to degrade in sample quality... such bs lol you could be put at risk in the workplace by some hxc drug addict getting away with the drug testing because the stuff is out so quick..yet ya cant have a toke off crazy old uncle andys joint while your visiting upstate for the weekend.. yeah nuff rambling on an old as crap thread now

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  19. i was in a drug court program and they told me the urine only keeps for a couple of days in the frig, and that was told to me by the people who test the urine in the lab. It's a long story but to sum it up i tested dirty and i was clean, and i had to pay $100.00 dollars to have it re tested .i was so pissed of i went down to the lab and without permission went in the back where they test the urine an watched them re test my urine by that time 3 day have gone by and it came back inconclusive. i was not happy about that.i ask them a lot o questions on exactly what the procedure was. you will be shocked to know that they don't clean the machine after every client to cut down cost they clean it after they test 3 clients then they clean it and so on. so if they client before you is dirty and then your urine is tested well then there is a chance you could be dirty too ! i could not believe what they were telling me my fate, my freedom was in there hands. this story goes on but anyway thats how i know how long your urine stays fresh . they also can not tell girl and boy urine apart unless they are checking for it of ir the girl is pregnant. i live in Las Vegas and that what they do here it suck ass !!!

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