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Ways to spice up my stoneystoney time

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StillBlazing123, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So I've been smoking for years nowwww, but it's almost christmas and i've got a good 1-2grams for christmas eve and i'm going to be staying home and chilling, so any of you guys got any tips to spice up my session.

    What I mean is after smoking for a few years my sessions all go the same, get the weed out, smoke, browse the internet.

    Any of you guys got anything fun to do before/during/after smoking?
  2. Do you have any sick walking trails in the area? Im from BC and there are tones. I love smoking a fatty then going for a good hour or two walk. Its mind blowing how much there is to see in your own backyard. Also experimental cooking is fun because you make some badass shit and you get sample with the munchies. The world is a gateway to fun when your faded man take advantage.
    Cheers mate and Merry Christmas

  3. Ahhh I understand you 110%, a couple years ago In college, I got stoned a few times and then I decided to walk home through this huge forest and river (like a 3 mile walk), did it when I was completely gone and it was so euphoric and I like came to grips with everything in my life, so thats a great shout. Only problem is i'll be getting high at like 11pm-12, so it'll be too late and cold for a walk, but yeah Merry Christmas man!
  4. Stoney stoney time. :p I like to watch funny movies when I'm home. Uh, cleaning your piece when high is actually pretty awesome as weird as it sounds. Smoking more (obviously) is always a good time. Making music is cool if you're into that. Any kind of art really. Being creative is the shit. :smoking:
  5. Yea shoulda figured it would be at night duhhh dont wanna be wandering in the bush ripped out of your tree XD but yea anything mentally stimulating will do the trick : P i personally read books on growing weed when im stoned at night. Jorge Cervantes Cannabis grow bible is a great book read it in two night seshes but thats just my opinion. Your brain absorbs alot more when high i find just my two cents tho.

  6. Be careful cleaning your piece while high,I broke one that way once:(
  7. You could make an edible.... Just gonna have to use less brownie mix and what not...
  8. Ahhh I would clean my pieces and usually get the urge but a few weeks ago i was cleaning a pipe high and forgot i hand it in my hand and just dropped it and it smashed :/.

    And yeah! tempted to make some edibles as that would be a first time for eating it
  9. This has probably been said a billion times before, but I'm being dead serious... Jacking off is so amazing when you're high hahaha.
    I also love cleaning up for some reason with some music blasting. Or cooking.
  10. Christmas movie??
  11. today has been a lord of the rings kinda day for me :p

    if I could be anything in the world, I would be a hobbit coz all they do is smoke weed and drink ale all day LOL

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