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Ways to sober up fast

Discussion in 'General' started by quinnzi420, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. I searched for this, but didn't find anything.
    Can anyone tell me fast, easy ways to sober up? There are times when I'll be blazed, but then later need to do something that requires NOT being high, [like driving to get fast food] and I hate having to wait hours until I sober up naturally. The only way I can think of is taking a shower, but that's such a pain! So if anyone knows a fast, easy way, please tell me!
  2. I drive all the time when im high its not that hard
  3. Yeah but I, personally cannot drive high, when stoned I completely lose hand-eye coordination and cannot pay attention to the road.
  4. only thing that sobers you up is time (damn i sound like those dont drink and drive commercials:p)
  5. Time? Man, I was really hoping this would be one of those posts where everybody comes in and gives some amazing miracle cure or something :p Walking helps me alot, but I don't trust streets in my town at night, so damn.
  6. after i eat usually my high loses a lot of intensity. bout all i can think of
  7. Jog? Or bike.
  8. Yeah that eating thing is the same for my fiance. But to me, most times it fuels my blazed-ness! It's cool sometimes, I get the munchies so bad, I eat an entire tray of cheesy-bread from papa Murphy's... That stuff is GOOOOD
  9. go talk to a cop
  10. put rhoto-vee in your eyes. it makes your eyes whiter and when you look in the mirror you see that you dont look high so the placebo effect makes you come down. other than that...you're putting a toxin into your body and you cant fuck with the effects. i suggest you get yourr dank chuvlets before you get stoned or learn to drive high.
  11. I understand that placebo effect thing, I'll try that. The reason I thought there was a way to sober up faster is because I thought maybe through physical activity or something, the chemicals can get rushed through your body and leave faster. Then again, I really don't know anything whatsoever about how exactly THC affects the brain and stuff, I've never bothered to research it.
  12. that's the only answer right there
  13. this might sound a lil nasty but jerk off or have sex
    hope it helps:D:wave::smoking:
  14. energy drinks kill my high, so i avoid those when i drive, i love driving high like a nascar driver, lol
  15. yeah when i first started smokin it took a few months before i could drive comfortably. i guess insted of driving you could walk walkin while high is always funner than it sounds and its pretty chill
  16. I dunno about you guys, but I can briefly sober up on command. I just concentrate really hard, and it's like i'm able to climb out of my high for 10-15 minutes to do whatever i need to do, but beyond that, i'm fucked. It's like quicksand, but awesome.
  17. The answer is energy drinks and chocolate!! .....or you can just have somebody annoying come and pay you a visit!!! notice everytime somebody annoys you it blows your high??
  18. Order a pizza? or have a friend bring you? or get and smoke real fast then eat it
  19. Honestly man, maybe you should either think about what you have to do in the future, and not smoke if you don't feel comfortable doing it. Or you could do like most stoners, and live life like you would everyday, while smoking throughout it.

    I've never in my life had a situation where I said "I just can't do this because I am stoned." I take my shit, and I get it done like it needs to be. Or like I said, just don't smoke when you have things to do.
  20. Get adrenaline pumping, run down your block as fast as possible and drink a bunch a water right after, your high will get more intense for a short period then die down faster then if you just stayed still.

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