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Ways to smoke in my dorm?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MuffinCharger, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. So I have done edibles and the MFLB with a "SmokeBuddy" in my dorm room.
    What other ways can I consume marijuana in my dorm room without getting caught? I live literally next door to our RA (residential advisor).
    We have like 4 fans. One is a fan that fits right in the window, and it can be positioned so that air will blow out. We have done a towel at the bottom of the door where the crack is. We can put scented dryer sheets on the back of fans to give a scent, and we have febreze spray.

  2. Get a jar of Ona and put it in front of the fan as well....
  3. if you do not want to get caught, rule number
    one: do not smoke flower unless you are vaping.
    stick to edibles and vaping and you'll be fine.
    if you want to risk it by burning flower you are more
    likely to get caught. I guarantee it.
  4. Invite your RA in for a sesh. If he/she refuses then KILL!!!
    Hahahaha i'm kidding don't do that it's illegal.
    Drink a few gallons of prune juice and then shit all over the walls and carpet and bed to mask the smell. When the RA  walks into your room, the last thing he/she will ask about is weed. Just tell him/her you are sick.
  5.  Living next to your RA? Thats some tough luck. Well you better hope he is a chill guy because it doesn't matter if the ventilation is good. Marijuana's odor likes to stick to things, that includes carpets, bedsheets, etc. I would tell you it's a bad idea, but you probably are going to do it anyways, so just make sure the doors cracks are covered. Many people use towels to cover underneath the doorway. Edibles are obviously the best option, vaporizers are another, but I would say that living in a door that smoking is just one of those luxuries you can't afford. You could also try a an odor absorber, they come in these little plastic containers and you just remove the lid and it draws in the smelly stuff. 
     Not worth risking getting thrown off campus IMO.
  6. get a high quality vape. ditch the mflb. it is a nice vape, but not so great to use in sessions with people. 
  7. When I was a teenager and smoked in my room with my parents home, I got a pipe with a little hinge top that you could slide over the bowl part after you hit it so no smoke would come off it. I cracked the window just enough to slide a plastic tube out of, and stuffed a towel in the open crack area, and blew the smoke right out the window. After every hit, id hit a spray of ozium. Not practical to get smoked out, but worked pretty good for just taking a few hits. Never got caught. :smoke:
  8. I smoke in my basement with parents home. Pack onie, hit it, zero it, blow through sploof. If you pack enough to clear in a hit, and keep ur onie somewhat clean theres 0-1% of the smell left.

    Also a candle is nice to relight lighters.
  9. Use a quality vape and spray fabreeze after every session.
  10. #10 240sxLover, Nov 7, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 7, 2014
    If your RA is cool he might overlook light pot smell... but smoke? That shit'll stink up the whole dorm, I guarantee it. I've seen it happen. People who smoke in dorms get arrested. Now, vaping can be fine, I've seen people get away with that... and of course, any other drug is fine too, since they don't smell. Ain't that funny, that the most recreational and light of drugs is the one you can smell a mile away?
  11. so next to the RA huh?    I wouldn't smoke near your dwelling.  I would take a walk on a secluded street and smoke a j with some friends.  If you try to mask the smell, it just smells like herb And whatever you use to mask the smell.  like herb and popcorn.  My recommendation for latenight  just U hitting the pipe? - pack only enough for your lungs to inhale, and don't exhale until its "gone".   this way you minimize the smouldering smoke from the pipe, and limit the exhale.
  12. ikr the one drug that Doesn't kill, is the one that will put you away for life xD.  its becoming legalized everywhere tho, wew!
  13. As a person who started starting in dorms/college...the towel under the door is a dead give away. You can say it is used to muffle the sound (hallway noise too loud) but if the stench of herb is present than its obvious whats happening. I was fortunate to have a bathroom in my room during the freshman year so we used that, but the bathroom was still right next to the door. Sploof, don't let the bowl roll, and incense
  14. shower toking
  15. Vape
    Bong with a sploof out the window.

    Or just go for a walk and smoke?
  16. get a one hitter.  put your head out of the window and hit it.  blow it out.  come back in.  no smell.
  17. ^ If its cold outside the smoke will just blow right back in.
  18. Either shower or get a smoke buddy. They're like 30 bucks and they completely remove the smoke.
  19. so when you have your head out, don't blow it out facing front so smoke comes back in.  look up, down, or to the sides and blow it out where the walls are.  op's got four fans.  it won't come back in.  i didn't use a fan and i could stealth smoke.
  20. ^ All I know is I tried that shit when I was a kid and I could never get it to work, always had some smell coming back in. But if it worked for ya, more power to ya.

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