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Ways to smoke at home with little equipment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by umop 3pisdn, May 25, 2009.

  1. Say I want to smoke in my bedroom at home and can't exactly take a bong with me, what would be the next best thing to smoke out of?

    I have a pipe but it burns like a motherfucker and I took the filter out which resulted in me inhaling ash.

    Anywho, I have a cone piece if that helps..
  2. I would suggest a nice small bubbler for what you are looking for.
  3. What's a bubbler? And are they easy to make?
  4. socket+water bottle, it's ghetto, but it works
  5. VaporGenie. Can be hidden easily and compared to any other smoking device, it hardly smells at all. Not only that, the weed is self contained in the pipe, so it can't fall out.
  6. That looks ideal for me.

    Do you have one? Does it get you high enough? More importantly, do they ship to Australia?

    I added a pipe to "my cart" and checked out the countries they list that they can ship to. Australia was one, so I assume they CAN ship to australia.

    If it helps, i have smoked out of one, and it is a good pipe. The vaporization of the weed is healthier too. Check them out, they are really cool. I plan on getting one as soon as I get an address to my dorm at college coming up in the fall.
  8. I recommend making a ghetto bong. All you need is a bic pen (for the stem), a watter bottle, and either the metal tip of some pens (as a bowl) or tinfoil for the same job. Hits well too

  9. You're right except don't use tinfoil use a socket or laser pointer cap or something else metal or glass.

    foil might be harmful.
  10. Highligher chillum:

    Remove back cap of wide highlighter
    Remove all of the dye and marker tip
    Stick socket into bottom
  11. When I made that awhile ago it was so hard to light. The weed would just fall out because the bowl was faced forward. Those things are dumb imo
  12. apple pipe. thank me later
  13. Apple pipe.
    But i find apple pipes to be harsh. You can also make an apple bonb thing by making an apple pipe without a carb, then sticking a bendy strong on to the mouthpiece of the applepipe, then sticking the other side into a half filled water bottle with a hold for the straw to go through. then inhale through the mouthpiece of the water bottle.
  14. when i was a teen i stashed a bong outside behind my dads work shed and the fence (a shitty plastic one at the time) and just went out the sliding door in the back of the house at night to go spark up and come bck inside after..

    been 4 years i bet that shits still sitting there no lie.
  15. qft...
  16. why not just go out and buy a pack of rolling papers?
  17. this

    if you want some glass though definitely get a bubbler. they're great. bubblers are just small water pipes that you can hold in your palm, and pretty much hide anywhere.




    i've got one very similiar to the 2nd image and it works wonders. fill it with some ice water and it's a great little toking device :)

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