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Ways to never get caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MostDope561, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Im gonna be living with my parents till next year to save money, but they don't want me smoking i need tips on how to not get caught. all i have so far is
    1. Don't smoke in the house, or wait till there asleep to sneak to my backyard.
    2. Always come home looking as sober as possible.
    3. Have a fake stash ( i keep a .2 nug hidden so if i do get caught i dont have to give em my full stash.

    add any good tips you have:hello:
  2. Smoke in there room but never yours its a genius plan
  3. Just go for a walk around the block. I used to live in Boca and never got arrested or anything even said to me for smoking in public.
  4. if your driving with bud, dont break any obvious rules, ex. running stop signs, speeding, using ur cell phone, ect.

    know the best routes around where your toking up, just incase you see cop approaching.

    eye drops are king, you can go any where as long as your eyes arent red. smell is a factor too but personally ive never had a issue because i air out and my method of toking usually doesnt have me reeking.

    last but not least, chill the fuk out :smoke: , ive done some stupid things because i was so paranoid and that ruined my smoke and even almost got me caught.
  5. Did you even read what the OP said? He is trying not to get caught by his parents
  6. don't be an idiot. simple as that
  7. 1) Keep your stashes in air tight glass jars.
    2) Keep all of your pieces clean, only empty bong water outside.
    3) Try and get a fake piece aswell, just a cheap ass pipe (I really like your fake stash idea).
    4) Never smoke in the house, at all. Always go outside. It's disrespectful and risky if you smoke inside.

    That's kept me safe for the past 6 months.
  8. Or you could respect your parents wishes, since they are letting you live with em.

    Thats the best way to not get caught...
  9. stfu :cool:
  10. mlfb

    always have eye drops

    dont smoke when theyr home
  11. smoke with your parents. sure fire way not to get in trouble
  12. #12 Verdurous, Aug 3, 2011
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    I do this and it works. My mom's pretty much my source now too. lol
  13. cant tell if youre serious or not
    just to make sure
    get the fuck out.:mad:
  14. #1: Put weed in bucket.
    #2: Light weed in bucket.
    #3: Pull your pants down and squat over the bucket.
    #4: Spread your cheeks and let the smoke flow up into your anus.

    No smoke will get out of the bucket, it'll just all go right up into your anus.
  15. Stop/don't smoke if shit is sketchy
  16. #16 TrueNirvana, Aug 4, 2011
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    I legit lol'd
    Damn my immaturity.
  17. You guys aren't helping :rolleyes:
  18. LOL haha also if salvia is legal in your state always have a 1/2 gram of salvia and a pipe sppecific fior salvia. then if you get caught you can say it was salvia.
  19. #19 Kush Wizard, Aug 4, 2011
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    It's not hard to avoid getting caught, but it's even easier to get caught so more than anything else be careful and never let your guard down. The fake stash is a great idea, I got out of trouble at college once when I had >$300 of vapes and weed in the room by voluntarily giving up a pack of zig zags and a bag with stems and a few flakes of shake.

    Forget putting a towel under the door, it's nearly useless since the smoke will just go through the cracks along the door's sides and top. It's better to keep the door wide open since your room will smell less "distinct" from the area outside and the air will clear faster. A sploof is very useful though if you make it correctly.

    If you have parents with a good sense of smell, smell will be your biggest problem. Don't smoke inside even when they're gone unless you know for sure that they won't be back soon, and even then use a sploof. It's happened to me before multiple times at my parents house where I thought I had hours in the clear and then my mom came home early while I was filling my room with clouds of vapor. By the way, plug in vaporizers help with smell but they aren't going to change anything if someone walks in just after you've exhaled.

    Keep your weed and related equipment in boxes or drawers if you don't have any airtight containers too. If you leave anything that has any sort of weed-influenced smell in the open, it seriously will slowly start to take over the ambient aroma of the room. Replacement smells like aerosol sprays, scented oils or incense work well at countering this as well as covering the smell of smoke but will be a dead giveaway if your parents already know you use weed.

    Other than that there's not much you can do to minimize risks. Try to figure out the times your parents will be out for more than a couple hours, and take advantage of those times to smoke indoors. Also smoking while your family is asleep can be rewarding if you're nocturnally inclined and they aren't.

    One last thing: Eyedrops are a double-edged sword. I recommend them if you need to look sober for something and you don't use weed that often, but if you start using eyedrops every day your eyes will start to develop a tolerance toward them and after a couple weeks your eyes will look redder than if you had skipped on the drops until you let that tolerance slowly reset. Also all the popular brands like clear eyes and rohto aren't very good for your eyes even if they feel refreshing and the packaging says otherwise.

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