Ways to maximise yield given my current situation?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am very new to this, and basically just found a seed, it sprouted, I grew it with some grow lights and alfoil on an 18/6 light schedule, looked female so I moved it to a larger pot and after it got to a decent size I switched to a 12/12 cycle. It has continued to grow quite a lot and has started to flower... however it is pretty tall (over 4ft) and I've had to add some support to keep it upright.


    So my question is, given what I've described and what you can see in the photos, what would be the best things for me to do at this point to maximise yield. I had also originally planned to re-veg the plant if it proved fruitful so any advice in that area would also be very much appreciated.

    I'm sure I've done a million things wrong up until now, but really appreciate any help in seeing how to best handle things moving forward.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. Reveg is a long process but if you want to do it you could. It would be helpful to have some more info what kind of dirt it's in, what nutes you have been using If any. What light you have plays the biggest factor. One thing that will help for sure is getting a ph meter if you dont have one, and bloom nutes.
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    Thanks for the reply, here is some more info for you:

    1. Dirt - A mix of a seedling mix (which it was sprouted in) and an organic soil (designed for growing vegetables, has some big chunks in it).
    2. Nutes - The seedling mix had some nutes mixed in, and once it got to about 1ft I added couple of tablespoons of this:
    Scotts Osmocote® Plus Trace Elements: Vegetable, Tomato, Herb & Garden Beds - Scotts Australia
    3. Light - For the majority of the grow the only light was a 50W full-spectrum LED. This just recently broke, and due to the plant getting tall, I now have: 1x 50W white LED, 2x 50W fluorescent tubes, and another 15W white LED filling light. The tubes are vertical with the plant, the 50W white LED and 15W white filling light are above at different angles. Current temp in the space hovers around 18C These are just the lights I had... I will probably order another full-spectrum LED if its worth it?

    I will definitely get a pH meter, and planned on buying some bloom nutes this weekend but not sure what's best to get. Thanks again!
  4. ideally you maximize your yield through LST (low stress training) topping fimming bending scrog etc
    it becomes extremely difficult to train when in flower as the branches are far more rigid and woody
    and popcorn is right re-veg is a awful long drawn out method its best to buy female seeds from a reputable breeder and yes its going to be worth it whatever the seed is it looks sativa dom good luck i look forward to see the finished article :)
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  5. One of the reasons your plant is so tall is because of poor lighting, if it is legal I would throw it outside for a few hours a day. And idk where your at but walmart or the big stores like them usually have the fox farm nutes.(you want tiger bloom) if you are going to order off the internet I suggest you go with a weed specific nutrient.(cns17 by botanicare and floral bloom by general hydroponics are good) make sure whatever you get it is for plants in soil.i would wait to get a light until you can save around 100 usd, otherwise you are kind of wasting money if you plan to keep growing.
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  6. Thanks for the feedback, and yes it makes sense, I think I kept the light too close to the top of the plant for the majority of the grow so far, which shaded the lower parts, causing it to want to grow taller to reach beyond the shade.

    I have given up on re-vegging as I'll be moving soon and will take the advice of starting again with some proper seeds and a better setup all around.

    I'm in Australia, so the grow must stay indoors, but the lighting has gone from 50W to 160W with much better distribution across the height of the plant (due to the 100W fluro being vertical) so hopefully this will prevent it trying to grow too much taller.

    As I'm in Aus the brands are a little different here for nutes... I ended up going with this (my local store doesn't have a huge range):
    Thrive Soluble Flower & Fruit Plant Food - Yates products

    I don't really know if this is right, and it seems to have quite a different mix to the recommended Fox Farms Tiger Bloom but its about as close as I could get that looked like it was meant for blooming.

    I will provide some more updates as things progress, and of course welcome any more advice from anyone.. thanks for all the help so far!
  7. Make sure to start with 1/4 or less if there recommended dose.
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