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Ways to keep weed from drying out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by XSN, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Any household ways to keep your big stash from drying out other than orange peels?
  2. airtight jar. prefferably glass mason jar
  3. will a pickle jar work?

    also what if its already a little but not totally dried out

    right now im keeping it in the bag but its also inside a little box that i got from buying versacci cologne...its not dry yet but ive got a feeling it will be soon

    ill try to get pics
  4. pickle jar might work. keep it in a dark cool place tho
  5. I keep mine in an orange prescription pill bottle. It's completely airtight, and is very easy to keep on the down low.

  6. How is that air tight? I'm feeling the cap on one now and it feels quite wobbly. If i didnt need it I'd sumberge it to see but I dont want ti getting damp. Gotta find an empty one that I dont need to see.
  7. If it is dried out, put the buds in some form of airtight jar. Then wrap an orange peel or a piece of banana peel or apple anything with a good bit of moisture in paper towel or put it in a baggie and put the open baggie with the buds, anyway that puts moisture back in the buds and gives em a little flavor too. Keep the fruit peel or w/e in the container for 3 or 4 hours and there you have fluffy full hydrated buds.
  8. Orange peels to rehydrate.
  9. Anyone know if those coindrop humidfiers work? I picked one up, but forgot where I put it, so ... don't know
  10. I just tried in one of my old prescription bottles and water did get in, so conclusion; not airtight.

    Also, I found my coin drop humidfier that i got from my local headshop, so I'll post tomorrow how it works with rehydrating. Right now my weed is dry as fuck, so it'll be a noticible difference. but I won't know how it works with retaining hydration with a new purchase until a while from now... I got enough ganja to last me a while, so yeah... but I'll keep you posted how these work, only 1.99 too
  11. I've put small pieces of lettuce in my bag, like 2 pieces the size of quarters for an ounce, lettuce is wet enough to fluff the weed, but not too wet to add mold/water/other random things.
  12. I'm telling you guys... the best container is a glass spice jar.. one of those small ones.. i'll take a pic sometimes. it rules and you can fit joints in it and stuff.
  13. Storing your Mary in an airtight thermos is probably the way to go. Just add a peel of orange if you need to rehydrate.
  14. I use just a regular jar for a sample of jam. It keeps my weed fluffy and sticky for weeks. It has a rubber seal on the top kind of though.
  15. smoke it faster!
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  16. Alright, 24 hours later, report on the coin drop humidfyer:

    Pros: It took my really dry weed, and made it moist again in such an amount of time.

    Cons: Potentially molded it? I havn't smoked it yet, but just feeling it, I have a feeling it's gonna be a nasty taste.
    Another Con, if that's true... that's a wasted 7 grams :(
  17. Aww Jonsi that sucks, i was looking into one of those but didnt know if they worked. so u give a thumbs up or down?
  18. Here's what a friend told me: Use a sealable container and tape a cotton swab to the inside of the lid and keep it moist. Works like a charm.
  19. ^^^^this
    alot of pill bottles ARE NOT airtight so be careful

    mason and jars, and any jar with a rubber seal is pretty much guaranteed

    also for really dry weed you can use a mist bottle and slightllllyyyy mist the dry bud, put back in container for 30 then let dry to your liking if you got it too wet

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