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Ways to keep urine body temp ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MaseratiMurf, May 18, 2011.

  1. Im goin to use a donor & wanna kno different variations 2 store the
    Urine and how to keep it body Temp ???
  2. Put it in a condom before the test and strap that shit to the top of the inside of you leg and your all set.
  3. id say put it in t a ziplock bag and tape it to the under of your belly..

  4. I dont use this method to pass drug tests. But I know plenty of people who do and usually works
  5. Yup get it in a baggy of sorts and stick that shit to your leg and voila.
  6. I'm thinking like upper thigh right & does the condom have 2 be non lubricated ?
  7. Ya make sure you take all the lube out of the condoms. Also, you can use one of those travel sized shampoo bottles and strap it in between your legs, those work good too.
  8. i would wash the condom off with water several times. when you tape i would put it up high kinda by my sack(seems warmer there).

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