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ways to increase high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by blazinsadles, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. i was wondering if you seasoned tokers would share your knowledge on how to increase your high. you know...different methods, tools, or things to do...
  2. well if it helps, there was a thread not long ago about exhaling your puffs via humming.

    I have yet to try the method on the basis that... well I'm usually high and forget to try.
  3. smoke more herb.

    top it with hash or keif.

    smoke it through a water pipe/bong
  4. take bigger hits.

    ghost them.
  5. take a T-Break...Donate blood or plasma...I always get super fucked afterwards lol
  6. I prefer having sex and smoking, ultimate high. Also, smoking first thing in the morning, like before doing ANYTHING. Throw on your favorite tunes, kick back in your bed, and puff away, amazing. If you already do this, t-breaks suck, but they really work. Try a vaporizer, I recently made the switch and couldn't be happier. Not so much that it makes me higher, it is just a different high, so consider picking one up if you don't have one already.
  7. Best method is to decrease tolerance.

    Smoke less = more high. Take fewer hits, pack smaller bowls, have patience.
  8. A way i use is a steamroller, a long one, pack good bowls, take long hits, hold it in. just tryin to help :)
  9. exercise. joggers high (endorphin release) + cannabis high = ecstasy
  10. Impossible:eek:

    ya a tbreak :(

    or your choice of cigarette after a bowl.:smoke:
  11. I totally agree, nothing beats jogging on a cold crisp night after toking up:smoke:
  12. cigs are always great after a fruity bowl..
  13. I think taking small short breaths instead of big breaths of air makes it last longer.
  14. cant remember what the exact time is, something along the lines of 7 seconds, to where the thc is fully absorbed by your body..

    if your trying to get high, rip a bong, and hold the smoke in for more than 7 seconds..no need to ghost it though, unless you want to. :) hope this helps
  15. i hear OJ helps. but i hear it will make a bad shroom trip. be careful.
  16. OJ like orange juice? Can that really make you have a bad shroom trip?
  17. i have read that smoking slower helps you get more high.

    and by that i mean that i think youre supposed to take a hit about every 5 minutes.

    it does work though.

    yea.... hahahaha.
  18. I try to only smoke once a day, if I can refrain myself from smoking until I have done everything i had to do all day, and only get high once every evening i really get alot higher every time.

    on days when you've got shit to do, its hard not to sit around toking all day. but I quickly get burned out and find it hard to get high
  19. i know for myself if i dont eat anything for a good 3/4 of the day theni smoke i will get really really high i mean ill be talking to my sister and i cant feel my mouth moving lol
  20. hell no, i always drink some orange juice when I trip

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