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Ways to hide/cover up my pipes stinky weed smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Moose 420, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys so i new to Grasscity and this is my first post. Im also somewhat of a noob still when it comes to smokeing, and today i got a nice glass pipe of my own:) i lit it up had a good time but now im home and iv have relized that it smells strongly of bud. What are some good ways to hide my pipe and get rid of the smell on it after i smoke?
  2. You can either clean it after every single time you use it, or put it in a bag.

    I'd go with the latter.
  3. well it is always going to smell a bit like bud after smoking from it...i clean my pipes once a week but i smoke every day. and then smoke the resin but after i clean my pipe with rubing alcohol and a qtip....and hid your pipe in a tupperware container or a plastic bag and dont keep your herb in the same pace as your pipe cuz that way if you get busted by someone you will not lose everything
  4. Dude all you have to do is light an incense and feel free to burn. And your pipe shouldn't smell that bad.
  5. That seems like a good plan ill go find something to put it in now and ill clean it later this week.
  6. When I was younger I kept all my bowls in long tube socks and wrapped them up nicely :D Now I just keep ALL my shit in a Cuban cigar box haha. Smells good to be honest.

  7. Hide it somewhere that already has strong smells? I hide mine in the garage near where they store chemicals. There'd be no way you can smell it. Those little laundry sheets can also hide the smell, if you stuff a couple near where you hide your pot/bowl. Bags can't hurt. You could even just rinse the piece after you use it and get rid of most of the smell. Though the best way would be to hide it out of the way where people normally wouldn't go.
  8. Yaa i keep my bud in a airtight botte thing under the pillow in my bassdrum in my drumset >:) theres a hole in it so its easy to get in and out off too and best of all why would someone be inside my drumset? If i can find something smell proff to put my pipe in i could put it in there too i guess lol

  9. The first hiding place I had was a false bottom in my dresser. Was a pain to take out everytime I wanted to get high though.. I actually need to find a new place to hide my pot/bowl. I have them in the pocket of a jacket in the garage but its getting colder now, and someone might use it. v_v That'd be an absolute nightmare.
  10. Mine was a hidden pocket in my guitar case. My mom found it lol. She is one nosey bitch. The fact she found it amazed me. She also found it on the same and only day I got caught skipping school lol. Total fail. The piece she took from me though, she kept for like 5 years and gave it back to me a year ago lol. It was in the same bag and everything :D
  11. In a bag with drier sheets surrounding it. You'll be fine smell wise.
  12. For some reason, my family never ever had drier sheets lol. I had to bum some off a friend back in the day haha.
  13. Damn dude. Funny but unrelated story, I went to go get some drier sheets for a sploof today and found 2 lighters I was missing that my mom hid there. :mad:
  14. Haha my mom used to do the same thing haha. Yo man your pic is bad ass but just as a heads up if a mod sees it theyll remove it :( There strict on that shit.
  15. Is it because they hate Mac Miller or because the pictures too big? :p
  16. mine have always been in a sealed plastic bag, with the bag inside a sock. and the sock in a box
  17. put that shit in the bottom of a deodorant stick then put the stick back in
  18. put you pipe in a zip-lock bag, put your weed in a masonry jar (or a sealable jar) and just hide them, or put them inside a lockbox or safe, its pretty easy to get a toolbox from the hardware store that has a lock on it, so you can keep all your stuff in there and keep the box out of sight.

    i find that smoking in the bathroom with the extraction fan on is the best, that way you can have a shower afterwards, or you can spray deoderant and its not suss.

    for your room get some fabric scented are freshener, its good lol
  19. Get one of those tubberware kits. thats sold like 3 different sized containers that fit snuggly inside eachother. No humans gunna smell through 3 tubberware. Oh yea and fuck bags. They are a hassle and still leak smell.

  20. my frist spot was in with my soccer cleats.Oh and how often do you play your drums cuz that might not be good for you pipe if it is glass..but smoke on :smoke:

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