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Ways to force come down while high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by UFO L Ride, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I am currently am im a situation where it would be beneficial to not be totally fucked up. I have smoked quite alot and a decently drunk.

    Do you know of any methods that are somewhat successful of sobering quickly it?
    It would really help me out dude

    Ufo L ridE
  2. Eat drink water
  3. Helps to eat ... Exercise ?
  4. Get some exercise and caffeine, seems to help for me.
  5. I have no rescources i am stranded by myself with about 45 minutes int shit can get risky.

    Are there any easy methods?
  6. you're fucked! jk

    what is your situation? you might get better answer if we know what we're working with here lol
  7. Don't. Just enjoy it. Your parents won't notice and everyone else in the world doesn't care.
  8. Well lol idk walk around for awhile like other blades said exercise helps. It sucks your going through that new years... at least your not on acid or something
  9. Time is the only way...try to relax.

    What's the situation?
  10. Theres no way unless you cut one of your fingers off...your gonna have to man up!
  11. It is very complicated with countless detail and ever one means alot. ThT was the only easy way to explain it.

    But it is somewhat sketchy
  12. Ni but this is the most ive smoked in a good bit and im drunk on top of it
  13. How high are you right now?
  14. weeeelllllll,,, you're fucked.
  15. Surprised no ones said masturbate yet
  16. Lol that actually would sober him up a bit... but (I think) he's in public so that would be so weird lmao. But ay if he can sneak into an ally or somethin he should go for it if it's that serious.
  17. Yall are nuts lol
  18. Jack off in some alley op its the end of the year anyway ... I mean you did say you wanted to sober up right aha ?
  19. Don't panic. It's all in your head. I know. I've been there. Just stay calm, relax and go with the flow.
  20. Well i just completely stretches out ncracked all of my bones, took a buncha deep breaths and just started walking, it seems ti help

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