Ways to disguise a grow room within a room..

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  1. Im thinking of building a small room (say 5 foot wide 5 foot tall and 8 feet long or so) and am debating how to hide this incase someone were to ever go in there..

    What do you guys do? any ideas as what to make it look like or cover it with?
  2. if your good at carpentry or construction, you can build a simple frame wall to make your room effectively two rooms, then devide that newly made room in two and make a flower/veg room, drywall on the front with texture and paint so that its stealth, put a large picture on the wall for a secret door..... just an idea
  3. nobody else has any ideas?
  4. Yeah, I appreciated your idea.. but its more the realtor that I worry about.. shes a pessimistic little bitch. I know she doesnt have rights, but if she were to stop by I wouldnt want to have to tear down the op soon after if something went wrong.. I was thinking since theres two of us guys in a 4 bedroom house maybe we could lean a matress against it and disguise it with other random shit
  5. dont you think she will notice that the room is smaller in depth lol, but other than that, a bookcase would be very suitable, and maybe 3 rooms: veg on left, flower on right, and a small hallway type room in the middle. that way theres only one entrance to conceal, with more suitably a bookcase filled with books, i doubt she will move them lol
  6. Grow in a or a series of wardrobes?
  7. very small cab grows might work.. is there a crawl space? attic etc?
  8. I have an attic.. but its hot as anything up there. Thinking of going ebb with 8 buckets so need a way to disguise juuusstt in case
  9. landlords etc. CAN'T barge in any time they chose legally. it's an infringement on a tenant's rights. i forget what the exact right is (you could lgoogle it like i did if you don't mind wasting an hour or two) but it's something along the lines of personal space.

    the laws might vary from state to state though, but in NY, you either need to get a 24 hour notice or there has to be an emergency. i lived in a crackhead building in NY and the landlords were constantly making fake emergency excuses to pop in whenever they wanted.

    i'd also heard more than one tenant report money & items disappearing from their apartments too there. it sucked.

    short of building a whole new room, you could always go the cabinet route, but that's alot less space. i don't recall the model number (C4?), but alot of growers turn off the shelf home depot cabinets into grow cabinets.

    i always thought a REALLY cool stealth system for a carpenter would be to make a dresser with fake drawers that open up like a door or doors depending on if you built a tall one or a table style one. i haven't seen anyone make a grow cab that looks like a dresser yet and with nice woodgrain veneer, it could look totally convincing.

    people have turned all sorts of things into grow cabs...
    vending machines
    old speakers
    kitchen garbage cans
    plastic storage bins among other things.

    instead of making one big room, you might consider making a bunch of smaller rooms and another stealth grower hid his system inside fake boxes in a closet. if you're trying to grow for cash, it would be hard to find enough spaces, but for personal growing, you could have plants in almost every room in various camoflaged systems.
  10. Toooo much of a pita.. good idea but not worth it. Might go EBB and flo so that wouldnt work. Already have a good working cab thats actaully in flowering now..
  11. look at my signature
  12. Haha I seen that.. that was pretty good, but I cant add a wall ro a room that does not exist :), my house is pretty straightforward design.. no cool pointless rooms or anything
  13. just get some vents goin in that attic, i bet you can cool it down and have a nice hidden grow
  14. I have an attic grow happenin, 6ooo watts + acc. and let me tell ya, a month ago, it was hot as hell up there.
    But now Its a cool 75-80 degrees steady, so trust me it can be done.
    all you have to do is overkill the exhaust, 5000cfm should do it + 1000cfm fresh air intake. thats what did it for me.
    hope this helps!
  15. how do you fill your rez? run a hose up there?

    and what about run off?
  16. Yeah? Wondering same things.. attic is almost impossible to do..
  17. thats actually the best part, theres a toilet & a sink up there
    and for runoff, I have my pots on elevated tables that drain into a short storage container, then I dump it down the toilet, no problem.

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  18. This Triggered a good idea, that if I were single I would definately do...Speaking of no random rooms behind walls?

    What about under the stairs?
  19. buy a large dressor and take out the backs of the drawers then gow in there.

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