Ways to believe/not believe in god

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  1. So tonight I've done alot of research into what beliefs are exactly and I have come up with... Deistic agnostic apatheism. Quite a mouthful. I don't 'believe' anything. I take a stance on knowledge not belief. I think it's impossible to know for sure if there is a deity. And either way, I don't think it even matters because life will go on the exact same way whether it exists or not.

    So now I'm curious, what's your stance on the existence of a 'god' or 'gods'?

    (And if anyone ever asks, I usually just call myself a free thinker8))
  2. those who say they know for/against are batshit insane, those who believe because a book says so is retarded.
  3. even worse, those who state belief as fact are the most ignorant and useless people out there
  4. i know for a fact unicorns and the flying spaghetti monster exist.
  5. IMO atheists and theists are just as ignorant.
  6. arguements for me usually go like this
    them-who made the universe????
    me-you tell me.
    me-who made him?
    them- nobody had to!
    me-then why did somebody have to create the universe?

    honestly, i dont understand how people can believe that a "god" just existed, and that reality couldnt without him. how can they believe that a guy turned water into wine and spoke through a burning bush, has always existed, and shit like that, but they cant believe the universe, or reality existed.

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