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ways of infusing non-infusable foods?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BreatheUp, May 9, 2011.

  1. where butter/tincture/oil wont work or arent used in the recipe. not just desserts but some entrees that dont use the stuff.

    beignets... if anyone knows what those are. i have a couple other foods but thats the big one.
    baked foods (french fries, pretzels etc)

    spray application? but that just ruins some food.
    is there a 'dry rub' type 'seasoning' thing i can make?
    may be a large waste of weed but will using infused fry oil work? dont think so :/

    i cant think of anyways so this kind of just made me chuckle as i actually though about it..... is there a way to infuse stuff like flour, sugar, cocoa powder, things of that nature?
  2. You can put tincture in anything.. The alcohol will cook off leaving the good stuff..
  3. right
    but that fucks up the dough :(
  4. smoke it or gtfo
  5. Cook your food regularly and then put some drops of tincture or maybe a bit of oil on the food? As in...glycerin tincture drops on a whole pizza? :)

  6. Some people just don't want to smoke. I personally love vapes...I haven't actually smoked in 4+ years. Some people can't smoke b/c they have health issues like pulmonary problems, asthma, etc...
  7. Well if your making dough then some sort of oil or fat surely is in the recipie...
  8. Why would a tincture fuck up the dough?

  9. High proof alcohol can kill the yeast off.

    An oil extract in a dough would probably be a better idea.
  10. I honestly didn't know that about yeast, but like you say surely oil will work just fine

  11. Isn't that like a paradox or something? O.O

  12. If you are making beignets you can use the topping for the infused or medicated portion of the serving. You can infuse butter and use it in the blueberry compote most people serve beignets with, or infuse heavy cream and mix in equal amounts of dark chocolate and use that for the topping/dip, or infuse the melted chocolate itself and use it, or infuse peanutbutter and use that with them, and add chocolate to the peanut butter also, you can infuse butter and add cinnamon and top with that or use as a dip, it's spicy enough to cover the spicy taste of most weed, you can dip a doughy doughnut into most anything and you can infuse anything oily and use it. Beignets...Great idea BTW!

  13. Yes, risk your health and waste weed and money... sounds brilliant.

    Considering edibles go much further, medicate you far better - It is no wonder the world of edibles has been growing in a big way..its just better.

    I love to smoke but nothing beats eating some cake or something and then going for a walk and getting completely blitzed while on that walk without smoking a single thing.. all you did was have some cake.

  14. If you don't like edibles then why are you in the edibles section? :rolleyes:
  15. #15 theanachronism, May 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    That's a great idea! Mmm beignets
  16. You can put cannabis in citric acid, using a mortar and pestle to infuse it

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