Ways of christening a pipe?

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  1. Hey guys ;)

    I recently got a new waterpipe and I wanted to do something special since it will be the first time I will be using it. What are some little meaningful things or rituals you guys do when using your pipes or "christening" it for the first time?

    Thanks : )
    Peace,Love & Happy Tokin'
  2. i stick it in my ass and let friends smoke out of it
  3. When I get a new piece I like to pack the bowl with marijuana, and then I light the marijuana with my lighter, and then I inhale the marijuana and pass it to my friend to the left.
  4. Pack it. Smoke it.......Wait, Wait, wait..... Then name it.
  5. mail it to me i can christen it for you free of charge... well put about 3 grams in the box and then send it... btw i am a preacher i will bless the bong water for you as well
  6. be sure to smoke out of it the first time with one or more of your best toking buddies.
  7. fill it with dank weed and use lamb's blood instead of water

    also: chanting ?
  8. prick your finger, then drop a tiny bit of blood into your pipe.
  9. ^ blood bond
  10. First, sacrifice a goat. Then you must (everybody present) draw blood and drop it into a fire. Then dance around the fire for 4-6 hours (your preference). After that, there will be several hours of chanting. I suggest you have rested and eaten a fair amount before this, as it is rigorous and time consuming. Then you must all put on your Gods of Ganj masks. After scaring away all nearby demons with said mask, you must all go into the woods and spend several days, isolated, to go on a spiritwalk. This spiritwalk will tell you what to put on the brands that you will then scald onto your left ass cheek. Everybody must then smoke a cigarette and drink one grape soda. Finally, pick a name, and smoke your pipe upside down, on the vernal equinox, while throwing maple seeds into the air.
  11. What I like to do is first pour in the Holy Water from the Holy Chalice. (AKA tap water from the sink.) Then I take some of the finest Holy Herb and place it into the sacred bowl. Upon lighting the bowl I inhale the sacred fumes. I then exhale and let the Holy fumes purify the waterpipe before passing to a member of the congregation, (AKA friend.) After the pipe has been christened by all members of the present congregation, we go off to eat some food and celebrate the fine experience that our newly christened pipe allows us to feel. :D
  12. Now this is what I've always wanted to do, but since I haven't bought glass in a while and don't plan to anytime soon, I'll share my idea.

    So you drive down to the same area as your local police station, with no bud on you obviously. Pack a bowl with tobacco, I know it sounds gross but it isn't that bad. Stand in front of the police station and take a massive hit out of it. Because there was no resin, no bud, nothing but tobacco, they can't do anything to you.

    Christen it in the presence of our arch enemies! Name it the 5-0!
  13. i bought a glass bowl just an hour ago, cuz my mom is goin to jamaica for a whole week next week and i smoke a lotta so y not have a good bowl

    and since i just got off school, i named it summer

    i christened it by washing it ...i dont have holy water.
  14. whats a waterpipe
  15. great suggestions from people above. i would just call it julie and get stoned. job done.
  16. throw it against a brick wall. if it doesn't break than you know you have a keeper

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