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Ways not to get caught!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. There's alot of topics goping around the boards about being caught. I thought I woould help these people out by giving advice on how not to get caught!!

    1 Don't smoke in your parents house............ If you do expect to be caught sooner or later..

    2 Don't have smoking utinsels or MJ in your parents house.

    3 Don't come in the house stoned.. You'll get their attention to you..

    4 Don't grow in your parents house..

    5 If you do any of this and get caught............... Don't bitch. It's not their fault that you are doing things they don't approve of..

    Parents that care for their kids don't believe that MJ is good for any reason. It's not their fault. They have their beliefs..

    With all that said.......... try to understand your parents point of view. They are the ones with the most to loose!!
  2. couldnt have said it better
  3. Dont! sit around the house with your dark sunglasses on during the evening hours.
  4. How not to get caught by your parents??

    Just read the above post! lol

  5. Don't smoke in the police department!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or in front of the cops!

  6. It's good advice! I just want to add one thing to this....

    If you have something sent in the mail to you.......... Don't open it for ten days.

    If the drug agency is trying to catch you........... if it's not open you can always say you didn't order it!!!!!

    As far as credit cards.. It is hard for the drug administrators to prove that you ordered it even if it has your name on it!!

  7. Actully its very simple. allways order from a well respected company. that has very good stelth. and NEVER get the seeds sent to your growing addgress. and allways i mean allways send cash. moneyorders paypal and credit cards can be traced. i'll show you A very effective way to send cash. get yourself a bubble evelope some tape a pair of sisors and a ordnary white evelope. take the sisors and cut the edges off of the evenlope. and it fold open. tape the money flat in the center. and tape the edges closed then put the evenlope in the bubble evelope. and seal it up and tape it around the seal for added security. I promise you it will get to where its going have sent 150bucks in the mail that way before it has allways worked for me. as for buying illegal things in the mail its quite simple to do. just rember if you have to sighn for it. dont accecpt it. but there very likely not to do a thing. i have goting the finished product from overseas many of times. and never got a knock on the door or lost my order.

  8. Do you warm your sake up or drink it at room temp? I like mine nice and toasty all microwaved up.

    Also I can't believe Bud didn't post this rule on how not to get caught.

    DON"T SMOKE AND DRIVE. Driving is the #1 way of getting caught.

  9. Because it was how not to get caught by parents!!!lol

  10. Be nice to me, I can't help it I'm sober! :eek:
  11. only other way to beat the parents is to just blaze all day everyday and constantly get caught with weed and pipes and everything and get in alot of trouble.

    then tell them you dont like to smoke alot, but your just doing this to prove your point, that you like it and will do it either way.

    then tell them if they just lay off youll totally cut back, then you can still get baked and they wont care, just dont let them know your baked everytime, and dont always come home stoned, you have to make it look like you actually cut back.

    this may not work for everyone, it worked for me back in that day. alot of parents will evertually back off, alot of parents will eventually send you to boot camp/boarding school.

    make sure you know your 'rents before you attempt said plan.
  12. very true BH

  13. Sounds like a personal problem BPP.. You need to get it fixed!!!!!

    Critter I agree.. If your smoking don't drive. If you do drive don't go 80 in a 50!!!!!!!

    And don't spread the word about having, smoking or growing MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Be nice to asshole cops. If a cop starts giving you shit, just be really nice and get away as fast as you can.
  15. here ya go ganjamom, heres some tips to not get caught by the cops. Dont smoke in your car, everytime ive gotten caught by the cops its cause i was smokin in the car or my car smelled like weed. Also dont keep nothin in you glove department, especially if thats wehre you keep your insurance and registration info , i got caught once by reachin for my insurance card and the cop saw a pipe sittin in the glove box.... those the only tips i can think of.
  16. yea if im gonna go driving i make sure im not totally blitzed......nothing like going to the beach zoided....
    oh guess i better help on ways not to get busted:)
    DONT LEAN ON YOUR CAR when cop pulls you over.....that is the very 1st thing they look 4:).....never offer anything cause they will always look.......only bring 1 paper and enough to roll a joint with ya.......if cops pull ya over just eat the pot and paper.:p

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