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    Alright so, i'm 6'1 and i weigh around 170, i'm 19. I have been having a problem lately and i'm unaware to its cause. I'm just too damned lazy and the sad part is i realize it. I'll be sitting down on GC or something and i'll be thinkin "Damn i should workout or something". I know i should and it wouldn't take long its just i cant seem to find motivation or something to put the effort in. I'm already pretty muscular, i have been working out now for 2 years almost and i just can't really workout anymore because i feel like its pointless. I never started working out for the ladies by the way, but i guess its a added bonus.

    Also some days i just have no energy at all and i'm too tired to do something or anything. Like last year and the years before, i would do anyything and everything. I would longboard for hours on end, go out all day with friends, practice martial arts..and workout with such dedication. Now i don't really have the energy or the motivation to do anything. I don't think i'm depressed although i could be, but i am not sad by any means. I have a neutral personality though, and i hardly show emotion anymore lol. Could this all be a result of never showing emotion? Or could it be just i have lost focus and i don't know what do to. Either way i would like some opinions, because i hate myself for being so lazy and not working out like i used to or going out all the time.

    I do smoke every day multiple times a day, but i know mary couldn't have done this to me.

    I forgot to mention, i have been battling emetophobia (the intense and irrational fear of throwing up) which has caused me to get tons of anxiety/panic attacks, but i'm basically over it now and i did it without any help.

  2. There's your problem right there. You know something that is completely false.
  3. Hmm? How is it false? What am i ignorant of?

    Also i have been smoking daily for years and what not, but i am on a T Break, its been 1.5 months and i have not felt different or any motivation come back.

  4. All you have to do is read any number of the stories posted on this site about people who become lazy because their weed smoking habits get out of hand.

    There are negatives to weed. That's just something everybody needs to accept. Thankfully, it seems, most people on this site aren't the "weed has no negatives!" crowd. We've got some really intelligent people here who can see weed for what it really is: a drug that must be used responsibly.

    You haven't felt motivation come back because you've been stuck in a routine of laziness for so long. You need to push yourself into a new routine. You need to actively engage yourself to shrug off your laziness. It takes a while to do so.
  5. Ehh, i guess that is true. I have been in a cycle of laziness for a while. Its so hard to get out of but i guess i will have to push through.
  6. I usually work out stoned, study stoned, do rigorous amount of labor stoned. Do your activities while toasted and your body will be use to it, you got to fight the feeling and be productive everyday, you don't want to say oh i wish i did this when i was younger at age 30 and be goin through a mid life crisis.
  7. yea i am in the problem and i need to lower my cholesterol need advice
  8. I used to be like you, i did EVERYTHING HIGH. I would do my homework every night for hours high. I worked out high all the time, but recently just i have no energy which im assuming is from lack of motivation.
  9. how are your eating habits ?

    and what's your sleeping schedule?
  10. I don't eat the healthiest, and i still don't but i have began switching to a more healthy lifestyle, i used to eat alot of junk food and candy.

    My sleeping was messed up for a while because i would stay up to like 4am on school nights and go to sleep for 2 hours and wake up for school. I did that alot during the last year. Now i get atleast 6-7 hours of sleep, i try to get 8 hours though.
  11. Not to be a jerk.. But get off your high horse and just do it. Hit the gym. Or do it in your own house.

    I like to get stoned then workout.. Like if I go for a jog.. I roll a joint smoke.. Stuff it in my bra with a lighter.. Jog for an hour or however long the high wears down for.. Then smoke and jog home.

    Tell yourself "just 10 more sit up's.." Then when you hit 10 just be like "Just 10 more," again. That's what you need to do. Feel the burn.. You wont like it at first but eventually the burn will be your motivation! Also when you do cartio drink a lot of water. Tighten your stomach muscles, the craps lessen that way.

    Smoking before really put's me in a motivated mood.

    Eat healthy! And that means fats too. People take out protean and crap.. You need that! And fat is a good thing sometimes!!
    Also 170 for 6'1 is a good weight.. Unless you have no muscle at all. I think you will do fine. Girl's like tall men.. Trust me!

    YOU CAN DO IT! Tell yourself that and you can do anything. But fly.. I don't want you running off a cliff now..
  12. Well if i wanted to fly i would just jump off not run lol, but on a serious note i guess i do have to just push through it is hard though, i don't go to gyms. I have a bench set and dumbbells, its all i do need for very good weight training workouts. I used to do cardio because it is required kinda for fighting, if you can't last long in a fight, your skills are useless. I used to run like every day and do 3 miles in one shot, but now i haven't ran in like a month and i'd be lucky to get 1/4 a mile lol. I'm not discouraged though i know after 2-3 fail running sessions i could be back in my old routine. Time to actually do it though.
  13. If it makes you feel better I use to be fat.. I lost 90 LBS in one summer from kickboxing. I loved kickboxing. This was 6 years ago.
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    You'd be better off with a gym membership. Give it a try... maybe paying $30/month will help motivate yourself to work out? Cause if you don't go, you're wasting that cash. Plus, more/better equipment. A bench + dumbbells isn't "all you need" if you want a full/proper workout.

    And I dunno man, you just gotta do it. It's not like you're scenario is different than anyone else; we all have to fight the urge to be lazy. Just don't give yourself the option to NOT workout, that's how I look at it. Skipping a gym day and lounging around at home isn't even an option for me, because I just don't allow it to happen. Sure, that thought creeps in on occasion but I just push it aside and hit the gym.

    I also go biking a lot. I don't even look at it as exercise, yet I usually log 20 miles per ride. Get back into some of the outdoor activities you used to enjoy, or maybe try some new ones.

    Edit: Diet is pretty important too. You might be surprised how drastically food can change your mood, energy, how your body feels, etc... I know little in this field, but went to a nutritionist and can say it's helped a LOT. I gained a lot more energy changing my diet, and feel better as well. When I eat "bad" food, I feel extremely sluggish and tired.
  15. Nah man a bench and dumbbells is definitely all you need for a full workout. You can hit the pavement for cardio, and weight lifting with machines will never be as good as lifting with iron. That's just a fact.

    Look up Stronglifts or Wendler 5/3/1. All you need is a bench, barbell, and weights.
    And you can get ripped with them if you watch your diet.
  16. I always thought that food impacted energy aswell, which is why i want to start eating healthier but unsure where to start. Also i will just start working out with my friend i first started working out with...To clarify, i'm not fat lol, i have a high metabolish. Although for my workouts i havn't really much use for all the fancy equipment since i target muscle groups with concentrated exercises but i do see the point about wasting money. The thing with my friend though is he always makes me feel bad if i don't show up so it does motivate me to go more lol because he knows i'm sitting around somewhere smoking and hes just straight edge but in amazing shape. What kind of foods do you recommend?
  17. I had to get into a routine for a while before it was fun.

    I really look forward to the gym now.

    It's usually the best part of my day.
  18. When I first started lifting, the only thing that got me to a gym was my best friend/workout partner. After a few months of making yourself go everyday, you'll start to feel weird if you don't workout. Now I'm training hard every day at the gym, cutting all my fat and turning it into beautiful muscle.

    No lie, take a look at dudes that have physiques that you'd like to have, its a great motivator.
  19. Get yourself a tub of preworkout. I recommend 1MR, assault and c4.

    You may be tired but once you drink your serving of pre workout, you will be a beast.
  20. Best thing you can do is get self control. since weed is a big factor in your life use it as a reward for doing things. If you need to excersize then tell yourself you wont be smoking until its done. If you need to clean pack a bowl and smoke while you clean. If you need to do homework do what you did for excersizing, don't smoke until its done and that's your reward for doing what you need to do.

    I cant smoke THEN get my butt in gear a lot of times. I find cleaning and smoking together works well for me but if I smoke before I excersize I will put it off so I use it as my motivation. I can smoke a bowl if I excersize and when I'm cleaning, but if I sit on my butt and get nothing done I will force myself not to smoke, and if I want to smoke THAT badly then I can get off my lazy butt and do something to earn it.

    I'm still struggling with it. It isn't an easy thing to do because its all on you to make sure you don't cheat. Every now and then I will make up some bs excuse to smoke without having earned it but it gets easier with time.

    I also limit how many bowls I get. I started getting Miserable pains and we are still trying to find out what it is but until they do I smoke to releave pain. That's where I came up with my certain amount of bowls a day, kind of like a prescription you can only take so many pills a day. And at the end of the night if I haven't smoked all the bowls I allow myself then I will smoke one to wind down from the day without having to do anything to earn it because I earned it by having the will power to not smoke all my bowls earlier.

    You can also choose something that you can do to give yourself an extra bowl. Like I give myself 3 bowls a day limit, but if I do a certain thing then I can have an extra that day. That way at the end of the night if I've smoked all 3 bowls but REALLY want another I will do that thing and I can smoke after. You can make it anything like a 30 minute run or deep cleaning certain areas of the house. If you help someone move or do some hard work you dont usually do you can give yourself an extra reward bowl too.

    It seems silly to restrict something you bought yourself, but it helps keep my tolerance low, helps save on weed, gets my butt in gear, and the high is more rewarding. Its not an easy thing to do but it helped me with my motivation problems when I stopped rewarding myself with weed when I hadn't done a single thing all day and started rewarding myself with weed when I actually did something. It may seem idiotic and childish to need to be rewarded for doing something, but hell if it seems stupid but works then it ain't stupid.

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