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Way too high off one hit? Afraid to smoke again.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Samwyz, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I took one hit yesterday before work thinking it wouldn't really affect me at all & I could easily do my job. Suddenly I was the highest I had ever been. I was hostessing at work & had to ask people's names about 5 times before getting it right & would forget to bring menus to tables. I couldn't even understand what people were saying to me a lot of the time & I would fake that I knew what they were saying. I definitely did not want to be that high! Luckily no one really noticed & I didn't fuck up too bad. I was straight stupid though. I was just hoping it would wear off soon, but it never did. I honestly felt high until this afternoon so that would be about 24 hours high which I feel has to be impossible. I'm kind of afraid to smoke again because I felt trapped & seemed like I would never go back to my normal self. I hope someone gets what I'm talking about or can help me, but maybe I'm just crazy? Thanks anyone who reads this whole ridiculous thing. No more smoking for a while when I need to be around people.
  2. Sounds like you got high for the first time.
  3. One hit lasting 24 hours? Just wow. Hold on to your dealer.
  4. you got to get higher than you ever have been in your life so that the next time you smoke youll realize you can and have controlled a higher stronger than the one your currently feeling
  5. Since when is being that high a problem? Couldent you have just called in sick before work?
  6. that's just paranoia relating to the experience. it doesn't mean every time following that will be as negative or overpowering. should've been more responsible
  7. Maybe you shouldn't do it before work, not everyone's able to work while they're high.
  8. yeah honestly it was all in your head you freaked out cause you were experienceing a new feeling in a unfamiliar place.
  9. hahaha.

  10. I got completely retarded off of one hit from a bubbler with a sidecar appropriately named "Speedy Claxton". I had skated to my friends house for a quick sesh then I had to go back and meet a lady friend at my house. He lives about 5-10 minutes walk away so it's not far but by the time I got back to my house, I couldn't even communicate with this girl. Like I felt awkward knowing I was high and she wasn't and we were about to fuck around and talking to her was such a chore because everything I was saying was weird and awkward and it just made the whole process kinda weird until we actually got inside. Then the good part of the high came and everything was amazing. But looking back on it, I'm glad I did get that high.
  11. thing is I've smoked plenty of times before & never had anything close to that happen. I never have smoked before work & had NO idea anything like that could happen otherwise I wouldn't have taken a hit. I drink more often than smoke so I thought of one hit equal to one beer, like where I had complete control, but felt a little at ease if you know what I mean?
    I'm thinking I was just probably paranoid & that created a bad high. Don't know, but I definitely am going to make sure I only smoke when I have an entire day off to myself & see how I handle it then. I obviously can't handle it like half the people who work at my job who come in high off their ass everyday & do perfectly fine or better. Just thought it was odd how bad it affected me. Oh well it's not a big deal. I learned being high at work is not for me. Live & learn. Thanks for the advice everyone : )
  12. Remember in Step Brothes when he says "I remember my first beer."?

    I think you just had your first bong hit.
  13. Im pretty sure every one of us here went through the experience once (or maybe a lot more). It's ok, you will get used to it after a while.
  14. i can never talk straight when im high, and if i had a job that required human interaction like that i wouldnt blaze before it.
    edit: was this a bong or gravity bong hit? cause ive been to a 6/10 from one good hit without a tolerance before.

  15. lol I've had plenty of those before probably just the a new type of weed. I didn't even finish the batty. I'm pathetic :( haha

    thanks! awesome advice :) makes me feel a lot better.

  16. nope just a little cigarette batty. pathetic really lol. & a lot of people I work with deal with communicating with others a lot better when high because I work at a restaurant & it's easier to strike up a random goofy conversation that make people laugh, but now I know it's not for all of us & thankfully I was only hosting that night & not serving.
  17. im bad at talking to stangers high. one time a customer asked me if i could get her a water, and for some reason i just couldnt understand her. after5 times of me asking her to repeat herself another person came over and saved me haha
  18. I get high at work all the time. It never really effects how i do.
  19. Its all about the setting...if you were at your house with friends then you would like it...

  20. yeah, and if it is one of your first few times, you'll still be paranoid about the entire experience in general. smoke more in the safety of your house with friends and it will eventually go away! :) :smoking:

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