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  1. New to growing marijuana but not new to growing plants. I have three cannibals grows under my belt (seed to flower in peat based mix) so they were successful. Nice dense bud and potent. I got a thrip problem on my present grow so I began reading articles and forums etc to see how others handle the different bug issues with there grows. Advice for other newbies out there..... don't complicate it. There are more additives, nutrients, supplements etc etc mentioned on these forums to make ones head spin. And things like ph runoff. Really! Adjust your input ph and forget about it. If plant(s) show signs if deficiency OK but just flush and correct. The strains I grew did really well on dyna-grow and miracle grow. (i know miracle grow i am such a looser) No supplements needed. All the years I have been growing (plants) I find soil, nutrients, ph the easier part.... now bugs are a different story. They can be frustrating to control on something you plan to smoke. Just grow and have fun. There is much info. posted here that I believe does more harm than good.
  2. Yeah, ph is pretty important, and unfortunately has become second nature, I measure run off ph and Ppm bout once a week, prolly over kill , but just second nature at this point

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