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way to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rollups420, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Hi me and my friend wanna try weed out both of us have never smoked and don't know whether to smoke out of a bong or smoke a joint we already have a mad place to smoke were we won't get caught and i have quite a few other friends that smoke and deal weed so getting it ain't a prob. cheers
  2. Either way your probably gonna get very high (if you inhale right) My first time being high from was one joint, I was extremely blitzed, all was well tho, there's just something nicer about a Jay too than taking bong rips... but if you have a nice bong, go for it, shouldn't take too long to get "there" with one.
    But in the end it doesn't matter, if you get high from one you should get high from the other.
  3. sweet thanks bro
  4. for ur first time a J would be ideal. But bongs are soo fun.. Each to their own?

    The Duck
  5. all my old mates that i use to hang with would punch cones but i think i'll wack up a joint and down it with my mate anyone know some awesome music to listen to while high a mate said xavier rudd was pretty sick while your blazin.
  6. My first time was out of a ghetto ass grav bong. It was the kind where you take a 2liter soda bottle and cut it in half, then use a bucket of water. (The top part of a blank CD stack works nicely) I got ripped :p.
  7. do you have access to a real bong? because i dont think you will be able to roll.
  8. I feel like you should have one of your dealer friends roll you up a blunt. Jays can kind of be a bitch to hit if it's your first time, and bongs are kind of tough to hit your first time as well. A blunt would probably get you highest, as long as you inhale right.
  9. jays and wraps arnt hard to roll. theres a lot of vids on you tube that also show you how to roll. Sure it will most likely be sloppy but it will be smokable
  10. you can go to the store if you are 18 and buy papers and a roller i have one in my car for when i forget my pipe but if you can get a nice bong i would use that its so nice and smooth and jays get rough down at the roach so either way you choose its going to be a chill night.
  11. i really think you should start with a joint if you don't smoke anything. bong hits can be really harsh 'cause when you're new to bongs, a lot of people tend to take far bigger hits then they can handle.
  12. joint is more for cruising down the street on your way somewhere

    Bong will knock your ass out :smoke:
  13. #13 Saint Dogg, Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2008
    if its your first time I'd suggest a bong... Bongs pretty much make sure u inhale the hit, hold it for 3-5 seconds. Happy tokin'.

    What bong are you hitting that hits harsher than a joint??? You must have never smoked out of a GonG...
  14. from what i've seen it's just that people who are new to it, tend to take far bigger hits then they can handle from a bong.
  15. And then they get to high sometimes. I say roll a blunt. Blunts are awesome. The first time I got high was from a blunt.

    Make sure though that after taking a hit you breath in to make sure the smoke gets inside your lungs. Try holding it as long as possible, once you feel burning or you feel like you want the smoke out, exhale.

    Have fun and be safe!
  16. I would say get a small glass bowl or something, so you always have it to smoke out of, and if you get a nice'll fall in love with using probally wont spend over 20 for a small one..

    blunt might be a bit of a waste of weed for your first time..

    joint if you know how to roll I guess is ok...

    bong, I prefer a bong over ANYTHING now but my first like month of smoking my friends bong usto make me have a coughing fit like crazyy and sometimes thats not fun when you first start.. anything that makes me cough now I love ;]

    I would say just get a small bowl..its easy, clean, dont have to'll have fun..just relax and enjoy
  17. Smoke a bong... you won't regret it. Just don't milk it up to much...
  18. alright... the first time i got high i used a bowl that i carved from wood... idt any 1 has mentioned a pipe yet so...

    u kud use a water bottle... theres some tips on here somewhere... use search
  19. yeah, a pipe would be good. thats what i normally smoke out of, and what i smoked out of my first time. it was a dinky little blue metal pipe...

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