Way to incese muscle mass with out doingandy training in a 6 hour surgery

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by schnarrs, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. crazy idea but muscle is scar tissue esentially right when you work out it tears it rebuilds and increases in streagth and size so why can doctors peel back the skin and artically tear the tissue to the point where it would be eqivilent to 3 months of hardcore working out
  2. The tears between the muscle fibers that build muscle size and strength are microscopic and they occur all throughout the muscle, not just on the surface. The invasiveness of the surgery would probably necessitate more than enough downtime for atrophy to take over and put you at a weaker point than before the surgery.

    It doesn't make sense. Working out and eating a consistent high protein diet has been proven 100% effective.
  3. One day of working out will kick the average persons' ass for a week. Imagine 3 months all at once.
  4. the concept works with skin. laser,skin peel etc

    imagine the ripped bodies there would be if this could be done. :D

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