Way to help overpopulation?

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  1. free birth control for the world, include free condoms also.
    don't know side effects though, is birth control reliable? im open to all types of birth control, whichever is the safest, or better condoms could help.
  2. If we live long enough for it to happen we'll inevitably have to either: 1. Start regulating procreation on an international level, 2. Develop technologies to colonize outer space. For now education and contraception is the best we've got.
  3. We're not over populated. We just need more hemp.
  4. Modernity.

    The more modern a society becomes, the less kids it has. The average for american or euorpean families is about 2 kids ( i believe, Its close to that but I may be wrong!)

    Most third world countries have large families!

    You can look at birth rates yourself!
  5. The genophage
  6. Economy won't allow it.. someones gotta pay to make it. I sure as hell don't want to via taxes.

  7. Meh, it would cost very little to hand out protection compared to what we spend on 'defense' in the USA every year. In the end it would probably save a lot of costs. But how can anybody profit off of such a scheme?

    Not that I'm suggesting such a thing should ever be paid for at the expense of US tax payers.
  8. We'd still be paying for defense too though.

    I think controlling the amount of sexual activity within the media would do more than birth control honestly.. Sex sells. Of course we're horny as hell when everything we see involves sex practically. lol.
  9. Well, that's nature. Humans fuck, otherwise we wouldn't exist. And our foreign policies need to change as a whole, but that's for another thread.

    Allow me to reiterate my point though, birth control or condoms shouldn't be paid for with tax money because not everybody has the same views on birth control and frankly government has no right to make a say in such. But it'd be great if someone felt a drive to do such a thing just to be compassionate for other humans.

    Anyways, hemp is necessary to grow as a species, using fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy sources isn't sustainable nor efficient. If 6% of US soil grew hemp, it would be enough to power our entire country's energy demands. Imagine if half of Africa grew hemp, that would surely power the entire world and more.
  10. I get that it's natural, and I rather enjoy fucking.. I'm just saying media seems to have a lot of influence on people's actions, so maybe we should start there?
  11. Want to know why we have over population problems? Its because the human species started farming and with farming comes a surplus. With surplus means there is no shortage of food. With no shortage of food theres no reason not to have more kids. And from the on out thats basically how it goes. You should all read the book "My Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn. It will explain to you what you dont know about humans. It made me want to go live in the woods somewhere and live like nature intended people to live, but FUCK that, wouldnt be to fun.
  12. We need a good world war or a pandemic to thin out the numbers. That's probably what will happen eventually anyway, larger demand for smaller, less available resources will spark more controversy and war.

    As for the third world countries, a nice plague will take care of their numbers.
  13. There's no such thing as overpopulation, just undernourishment and poverty, nature will always find an equilibrium, which we have not met.

  14. That's what they are hoping will happen, and history shows it should happen. As the third world countries become more developed, the more of a middle class india and china and the rest of the world have, the lower the birthrates should become.

  15. This is not a viable option. If the rest of the world modernizes then we would be in some serious trouble. Sure the population might stabilize but with everyone living at a similar standard, we would run through our limited resources a hell of a lot faster than we are now, it's just not a good idea to try to get everyone in the world on the same level. In a sense we depend on the third world countries to stay as they are, impoverished and poor. I realize that sounds bad but it's a realistic view.

  16. You can't really think that your quality of life is dependent on the poorer quality of life of others, do you? There's no reason why every country can't become developed over time, obviously not with the current circumstances/'leaders' of society.
  17. No, their quality of life and mine has no correlation whatsoever. But, if the lives of the inhabitants of third-world countries would increase by such a degree to match ours, a post-modern one, then the rest of the world would surely be in trouble. Sure, the population MAY stabilize and not grow by such a horrid margin every year, which was the intent of the OP, but it would also have terrible consequences. Do you honestly think the world can handle everyone living the exact same way?
  18. We need to adopt a charter that will let new plagues take their coarse over unreasonable nations.
  19. This man's idea has some brilliancy to it. There's only so much we can do to fight against nature and what it wants to do, how it wants to handle the human problem.
  20. kill all the poor people

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