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way to desperate

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spaders, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So my town is like completely dry and word is it'll be like 8 weeks till it really picks back up to normal because of droughts,busts,and other bullshit...

    But rigt now i'm really desperate like so desperate i'm debating on grinding up stems in my grinder and topping it off with a little bit of kief to find out if anything besides a headache happens....

    I dont have many stems probably like 20 but right now i'd rather have a headache from trying it out than being sober...

    But was wondering how many people have ever been this desperate,and what your experiences with it are...
  2. If anyone says they've never smoked stems out of desperation they are one of two things:

    A liar.

    An apprentice weed smoker.

    Will you get high? Yes. Headache? Quite possibly. It will taste like crap too.
  3. Scrape resin (if you can) and put the kief on top. Otherwise; it's not worth it to smoke the stems.
  4. i once was dry for a really long time, accidentally found a few stems in my friends little box where he keeps his pipe and salvia and really cool lighters, smoked that with a bit of resin, got pretty buzzed actually. but im a lightweight. 0.3 of some good weed will have me on my ass
  5. I smoked pure kief one time, in a 4 perc 3ft bong, after 3 bowls from the bong before, and 2 bowls out of my bong like half an hour before that.

    I puked :p
  6. I'm gonna try it out then...i've been dry for about 5 days now and thats a pretty good T-break for me so hopefully i'll get high with resin and kief on top of that
  7. kiefs coolness, high fho

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